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Tuesday's agenda

Ros Atkins Ros Atkins | 13:33 UK time, Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Three stories have made today's running order after this morning's meeting. If you'd like to contribute to any of the debates, please post here or email us, and include your phone number if you'd like to come on air later.

On last night's show we spoke to Andras, Gavin and Steven from the Hungarian capital Budapest as police continued to try and break up protests in the city centre. In difficult conditions they did a superb job of describing the scene there (if you'd like to listen again, go to the front page, click on Monday's show on the right and then go around 40 minutes into the show). We're going to try and go back to them and find out what they've scene today. Here's the latest.

Here's a story about a judge in Detroit who has asked a Muslim woman to take off her veil while giving evidence. He says he needs to see her face to judge what she's saying. She's none too happy about it, but what about the people of Detroit, a city with one of the largest Muslim populations? We're calling our friends at local NPR station WDET right now to see if some of their listeners might want to join this debate. And wherever you are, can you understand the judge or the woman's point of you?

Rabiya spotted a story in today's Daily Telegraph. It quotes research that says one in five women thinking working mothers don't make good mothers. It's an issue which we know gets people talking in every country. So we'll take the lead from the research and simply ask... is a working mum a bad mum?

Speak to you later.


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