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Israel and Hezbollah Cease Hostilities - On Air

Peter van Dyk | 17:53 UK time, Monday, 14 August 2006

Today we talked about the end of the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah. Most callers from Israel and Lebanon felt safer - in many cases safe enough to return home - but still worried the conflict would start up again.

You can read a selection of the emails and text messages sent to us during the programme, and of course post your own comments as well.

Saul, Toronto, Ontario
Forget about winning and forget about victory!
War stinks - no matter what! And everybody loses and loses big! So stop comparing!
But in listening to the two girls, I would much rather listen to the Jewish Israeli girl who was expressing herself in a positive and progressive manner rather than the Lebanese girl who locked herself into the old, tired and outmoded ideas that have run their course and prevent her from moving forward in a positive may.

Alan, Malaysia
The important development out of this war has been the astonishing outcome of a small ARAB militia able to stand to the might of Israel and destroy the image of the invincibility of Israel. Imagine 12,000 Israeli soldiers vs a few hundred militia and not a single village fell - only a few kilometers from the border!

Its not about real estate . Its about the image which will influence future ARAB-Israeli conflicts.

The loss of this image will be the biggest lost by Israel and in that sense Israel has lost the war.

Alex in Egypt
The only winners in war are the arms dealers.

Kiru in Jamaica
Israel DID win this war, they won more hatred from their neighbours. Hezbollah won by surviving.

Jason Levin, Oakland California, United States
The only way the cease fire will hold is if Hezbollah adheres to the rules. It is important to remember that Hezbollah started this conflict with its unprovoked border incursion and kidnapping of Israeli soldiers.

Darren from Brisbane, Australia
I can't see the ceasefire holding - not while Israel maintains an air and sea blockade and Israeli troops remain in Lebanon. I don't trust either side not to provoke the other. Let's just hope that for the sake of civilians - Lebanese and Israeli - the ceasefire holds out.

Alex in UK
The ceasefire will last. Both Israel and Hezbollah have tasted their fill of blood. Now we can hope that both Northern Israel and Lebanon can get back to living their lives.

Yogesh from Bolton in UK
I believe that Israel has won because they have made terrorists realise
That in civilised world terrorism does not win freedom but kills freedom.
International community would support those who protect freedom of their people by fighting terrorists who are keen on destroying their freedom.
Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others who would throw bricks and plenty of them in return.
Don't do something to others you don't want others to you.
Terrorists in Europe and other countries understand these problems and hence do not rely on terrorism to solve their disputes.

Ferudun (USA)
What did this war accomplish, except civilian death and damage to civilian infrastructure. Anyone that considers themselves winners lacks logic and morality.

Jacques KO from Boston
Well, Lebanon lost, it is nearly destroyed, Hezbollah has lost, they did not get their kidnapped people from Israel nor the Sheba farms, Israel has lost, it did not destroy the 1000 Hezbollah fighters with 30,000 soldiers and countless air planes.
The winner is the Arab world, they just discovered that Israel in not invincible. Poor Lebanon.

Paul, Osseo, Minnesota USA
Should it really be called a war if both sides don't have tanks.


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