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Monday's menu

David Mazower | 12:55 UK time, Monday, 3 July 2006

In today's programme: who are the Muslim role models? should witchcraft be legalised? and the American restaurant owner who's insisting his customers speak English - is he right?

Just like any office, a lot of the chatter here revolves around football - and the imminent retirement of France's midfield supremo Zidane got us thinking. Zidane is of French Algerian descent and he's become a big role model to young Muslim fans well beyond France. So, with Zidane due to retire after these finals, who are the genuinely global Muslim role models? Perhaps the most internationally famous Muslims are militant leaders like Bin Laden and Zarqawi. Our instant office poll produced Imran Khan and Ayan Hirsi Ali - but whether you're Muslim or not, who would you nominate as an inspirational Muslim figure for today's youth ?

Zimbabwe has made witchcraft legal while prohibiting the use of magic to cause someone harm. Witchcraft has many different meanings in different countries, so we want to know if you think it's a good idea to legalise it. Here's a taste of the kind of sorcery that goes on in Zimbabwe. witchology.com is a site for western witches.

And finally we're hoping to speak to the Philadelphia restaurant owner who only wants to serve customers who speak English. He's one man making a stand, but it's a story which goes to the heart of the current debate in the US over immigration, and whether English should be the country's only national language. What do you think?


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