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South Asian workers in Saudi

Rabiya Parekh | 15:51 UK time, Tuesday, 4 April 2006

Abdullah Al Mutairi has spoken out against an issue which seems to be prevalent in a lot of Middle Eastern countries, but is seldom talked about.

Sunny Hundal writing in Pickled Politics came across his article recently about the poor treatment of migrant workers in the Middle East.

Every year Indians, Pakistanis and other workers from the Indian Sub Continent flock to countries like Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia for work as servants and labourers.

But many are treated poorly by their employers in their host countries. According the Abdullah there is a distinct lack of respect for these workers, who often do the jobs that many people don't like to do themselves.

But the prospect of a steady income and the need to provide for their families in South Asia keeps them there, putting up with bad treatment and poor labour rights.

We really want to hear from people who have family members working out in the Middle East, and in partcular an honest insight to how workers are treated from those who live there.

Why is the treatment of foreign workers so bad in the MIddle East? What is behind it? Have you ever worked there?


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