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From our reporters in Germany

Svan heading home

paul_fletcher.gif BELGIUM - It seems strange to no longer be in Germany. It feels strange to write that sentence.

I guess my moment of realisation that the party was actually over came when the fireworks exploded over the Olympic Stadium on Sunday.

This sensation was rammed home this morning when I looked at Bild newspaper. For the last four weeks the 'i' in the spelling on the cover has been replaced by the World Cup trophy. No longer.

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What on earth do we do now??

LONDON - I asked one of the journalists who has been working on the football desk during the World Cup and who normally runs our games section, how he felt about the end of the sport's showpiece...

Got any suggestions to help him get over the void in his life?

By Chris Charles

Germany's footballing soap opera gripped us for 31 days.
Now it’s all over I'm left feeling like I've had a five-week fling with Kate Moss .... and been dumped for Bernard Manning.

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Last stop Cologne

MartinCOLOGNE - This is it then, our final night in Germany spent having a great meal by the banks of the Rhine in a southern suburb of Cologne with one of our many new found friends, actor Joachim Krol.

And, like Fletch, the hospitality of the German people towards the hordes of invading strangers will stick with me for a long time.

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