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From our reporters in Germany

Nobody knows anything

paul_armstrong_55x55.gifBERLIN – I was going to call this pre-final blog “Some people are on the pitch” in homage to Kenneth Wolstenholme’s immortal commentary.

In the end, I shied away from any reference to anything to do with England, for fear of any more accusations of unwarranted nationalism.

Instead, I thought I’d quote Martin O’Neill quoting the screenwriter William Goldman at the end of last night’s 3rd place play-off show...

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First beer and final blog

mandeep_sanghera.gifThe World Cup final was the 16th match I’ve covered in 31 days at 11 different locations travelling around Germany on my own.

From the very first game between Germany and Costa Rica the atmosphere created by the host nation and all the other countries has been amazing.

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A different sense of occasion

phil_mcnulty.gifOLYMPIC STADIUM BERLIN - World Cup finals are special events in the sporting calendar - each one is unique.

And already, after attending the 2002 final between Brazil and Germany in Yokohama, I can detect a different atmosphere in Berlin this afternoon.

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The last hurrah

paul_fletcher.gif BERLIN - After sleeping in 24 different places in 33 days chasing the World Cup - its stories, its atmosphere, its way of life - we come to the end of the road.

In just a few hours time the 64th and final match of the tournament will take place at the Olympic Stadium - two stops away on the S-bahn from our now crowded campsite.

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Third place celebrations

MartinBERLIN - It's World Cup final day, but you could be forgiven for thinking the main event took place last night, such were the scenes after Germany's victory over Portugal in the third/fourth place play-off.

Traffic came to a standstill along Kurfuerstendamm as hordes of supporters spilled onto the streets, people were standing up out of the sunroof of their cars waving the German flag and beeping their horns.

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Formula that shows which countries are under-performing

LONDON - Academics at the Cass Business School in London have devised an alternative set of world rankings - and guess who is top?

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