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From our reporters in Germany

Where are the finalists?

paul_fletcher.gif BERLIN - By this I mean supporters, not players.

Ricco and I travelled into the centre of Berlin on Saturday afternoon with the specific purpose of finding Italian and French fans - what we encountered instead were thousands of German supporters heading to the Fans Fest for their team's third/fourth place play-off game.

Check out the video.

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Awoken by the rain

MartinBERLIN - The weather has finally broken in Germany, after 30 days of unrelenting heat the storm clouds have arrived over Berlin.

After yesterday’s downpour when we were trapped in a station, both Fletch and I woke up bright and early this morning – about five – with the rain hammering down on Svan’s roof.

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Africa's calling

mandeep_sanghera.gifThe next World Cup will be in South Africa and there are concerns over lots of issues to do with the host country.

But, while I still have worries, they've been slightly eased after the official handing over ceremony to South Africa.

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Milutinovic meeting

mandeep_sanghera.gifI generally look forward to my all-too regular four-and-a-half hour train journeys in Germany about as much as the third place play-off but my trip to Berlin held an unexpected surprise.

First of all I managed to get a seat!! Secondly, a former World Cup manager only came and sat next to me and started chatting about all things football...

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