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From our reporters in Germany

The heavens open over Berlin

paul_fletcher.gif BERLIN - Ricco and I were heading back to the campsite after visiting an English family living in Berlin when an almighty thunderstorm broke out.

From our perspective there were two interesting consequences to this.

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Peace, love and understanding

paul_armstrong_55x55.gifBERLIN - If you ever needed proof that the World Cup inspires passion and divides opinion, you should read some of the responses to my last blog!

All I did was defend our coverage of France v Portugal. As ever, most of the responses are well-argued and the feedback is of great interest to us as programme-makers. However, a few of the respondents – and seemingly some members of the wider public – would do well to remembers John Arlott’s observation that “some people take sport too seriously, and life too lightly”.

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Third prize worth fighting for?

phil_mcnulty.gifBERLIN - Jurgen Klinsmann has played in a World Cup final and has now managed on the highest stage by coaching his country to a semi-final.

Now he must take charge of a game that provokes mixed feelings among the World Cup community - namely the third place play-off.

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Young Player result announced

LONDON - Those interested in yesterday's post regarding apparent attempts from various quarters to hijack Fifa's Young Player of the tournament award may want to check out today's announcement of the winner.

(Incidentally, Sean Ingle, writing on the Guardian blog today, makes some good points about what to do about the various disappointing aspects of this World Cup, including card-brandishing.)

Fifa have now also announced their Squad of the Tournament - John Terry is the only English player included. What do you make of it?

Life in Svan

paul_fletcher.gif BERLIN - The World Cup is almost over and it's time perhaps to try to provide a glimpse of what it has been like living in Svan for the past month.

We are currently parked in a temporary campsite somewhere in Berlin. In an effort to disguise the fact that we are basically in what looks like a abandoned piece of land the owners have laid sand over the entire area and dubbed it a crazy beach party.

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All roads lead to Berlin, don't they?

MartinBERLIN - It's all we've heard about these last four weeks, the city that's in every song and is the ultimate destination of all those who dreamed of being succesful at this World Cup.

Well we've finally arrived in Berlin, where the final will be played on Sunday, and it is curiously quiet.

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