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From our reporters in Germany

Frings really have changed

paul_armstrong_55x55.gifBERLIN - Bear with this blog: I’m eventually going to agree with my fellow blogger Paul Atherton who has audaciously adopted the host nation for the remainder of the tournament.

Eventually. But first, as that well-known goalkeeper and part-time existentialist, Albert Camus once wrote: “All I know most surely about morality and obligations, I owe to football.”

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Desailly reveals French confidence

celina_hinchcliffe2.gif FRANKFURT - Marcel Desailly is still very close to the French team.

Four of those who played in the victory over Brazil in Frankfurt played alongside Marcel in the 1998 World Cup final in Paris - Fabien Barthez, Zinedine Zidane, Lilian Thuram and Patrick Vieira.

And the former France defender, who retired in 2004, told me that since the win over Spain there's been real belief in the squad that they can go on and become world champions.

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Heading to Rheindahlen

paul_fletcher.gif DUSSELDORF - Ricco and I are driving to the British Army base at Rheindahlen and will this evening run a mile for Sport Relief.

We have opted for this particular destination on the back of a suggestion by Penny - comment eight - who mentioned that her Dad used to race at a track near Monchengladbach when he was in the army.

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Why England didn't deserve to win

LONDON - So, penalty heartbreak again. England missed more penalties on Saturday (three out of four) than Germany have missed in all four World Cup penalty shoot-outs in which they've been involved (one out of 18. Who & when was that miss? Answer later.)

What exactly is it England have done to upset the footballing Gods so? Or do fans need to front up to the fact that yet again, despite the hype, the team just weren't good enough. Here's one view. But do you agree?

By Ben Dirs, BBC Sport. This was a joyless World Cup. Joe Cole’s goal against Sweden apart, I can’t think of a single act by an England player that got the veins on my neck bulging or which led to beer raining down on me down the pub.

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Getting over it

MartinHOHENSYBURG, OUTSIDE DORTMUND - Yesterday was a total wash out.

It's more than 36 hours now since England went out of this World Cup and Fletch and I are still struggling to process that information and summon up the required strength to move on.

Check out the video from Saturday's fan fest and also a kid doing keepy-ups for my entertainment.

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Why I want Germany to win the World Cup

paul_atherton.gifMUNICH - Ok, I know it’s hard to drum up much enthusiasm for the rest of the World Cup now England have packed their bags and gone home.

But there’s still a week to go and four teams left in it. We’ve got to wait four years until the next World Cup, so we may as well enjoy every minute while it lasts. So come on, who will you be cheering on in this week’s semi-finals?

For me, there’s only one choice.

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