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From our reporters in Germany

Where should we run a mile?

paul_fletcher.gif HOHENSYBURG - Unfortunately at some point before Ricco and I leave Germany and head for home we have to run a mile for Sport Relief.

I say unfortunately because after close to a month of consuming meat in the same quantities as your average German - and let us be honest sneaking the odd beer along the way - I no longer feel able to guarantee that I could run the distance without doubling over, throwing up etc etc.

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Life goes on....

nigel_adderley.gifMUNICH - My final night in Berlin was spent chomping on a steak on Unter Den Linden watching thousands of devastated England and Brazil supporters trudge under the Brandenberg Gate, their painted faces streaked with tears, their flags and dreams left crumpled in the gutter.

It's always said you can't have a World Cup without Brazil and many on our side of The Channel think the same but having being here and travelled around the venues to watch countries from every continent I don't think any team has a divine right to play here anymore.

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England's circus leaves town

phil_mcnulty.gifBADEN-BADEN - England's version of the big top - their tented media village - was being dismantled within minutes of Sven-Goran Eriksson and David Beckham's departure for Baden-Baden airport.

There has been an element of the circus about England's World Cup campaign, and as usual it was leaving town ahead of schedule.

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Over and out

claire_heald66.gifGELSENKIRCHEN - St George was unavailable for comment as he left the stadium after England’s defeat last night. Or at least the man dressed up as St George, yes, I know it’s not him really.

That’s highly unusual for an England fan. Throughout this tournament they’ve had all the answers for me and ‘given good quote’. But they’ve only ever asked me three questions in return.

“Can you get me on tele?” is always number one. “No, I’m afraid I’m too lowly,” is my stock reply - I can’t even get myself on tele...

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