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From our reporters in Germany

Colditz, Dresden and sleepy England

paul_fletcher.gif SUBURB OF DRESDEN - Last week we mentioned that we would be going to Leipzig and asked you to suggest where we should visit in the near vicinity.

Many thanks for all the ideas. Lots of people said Dresden, while I quite liked the idea of Colditz - and so we squeezed them in around England's match with Ecuador, learning lots along the way and encountering some very strange people.

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Watching England from the bench

paul_armstrong_55x55.gifBERLIN: Having edited last night’s game and not travelled to Stuttgart, I was in the same position as the rest of the nation watching England struggle through on the BBC this afternoon.

And probably even more relieved than most, given that we have first pick of the live quarter-finals, and will, unsurprisingly, now pick England.

At one point, though, those of us back here at base thought we might be heading for a Theo Walcott-like desperation-inspired appearance from the bench.

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Germany believes

MartinLEIPZIG – In five short days the atmosphere at this World Cup has changed.

With confident victories over Ecuador and Sweden, the Germans have gone from accommodating hosts to real contenders in this tournament, at least that is what millions of supporters of Juergen Klinsmann’s team believe.

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If England can't stand the heat...

phil_mcnulty.gifEN ROUTE TO STUTTGART - England's traditional obsession with the weather has been derided here in Germany as we swelter in the heat.

The complaints about the temperatures and humidity after the opening game against Paraguay were treated with barely disguised contempt by outsiders, scornful of the fact England appeared shocked at it being a little sunny during high summer in Germany.

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Hold the lottery

paul_armstrong_55x55.gifBERLIN. Having re-arranged the BBC One schedules for the weekend at a couple of days’ notice, we spent this evening re-arranging it live on the hoof as Argentina v Mexico went into extra-time.

Our planned 2215 off air, with leisurely post-match analysis, a re-cap of the Germany game and a look ahead to England tomorrow fell by the wayside. In its stead was a hasty agreement with Network Control to get off the air five minutes after coming back to the studio once extra-time and/or penalties were over.

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Fantastic Mexico waves farewell

paul_fletcher.gif LEIPZIG - Mexico departed the World Cup after their defeat to Argentina on Saturday evening.

But they gave one of the favourites a real run for their money and their fans stopped the traffic - literally.

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