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From our reporters in Germany

Any suggestions for England music?

paul_atherton.gifIBC, MUNICH – Every week we receive hundreds of emails about music used on BBC Sport coverage. Here assistant producer Sarah Williams explains the process behind picking a piece of music.

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Where will you be watching?

LONDON - Joe and his friends have been blogging about their attempts to watch every single World Cup game - and as many as possible in a bar supporting one of the nationalities playing. Their trip to London's Dean Street last night is a sorry tale of disappointment of which all landlords should take note.

Mark, who had the same idea, had more luck in a Sikh pub Southall.

England's 4pm match against Ecuador on Sunday promises to bring bumper takings for the country's pubs.

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My legs hurt

MartinAUTOBAHN A6, RICHTING NUREMBERG – Ulm Munster has the tallest church tower in the world, it stands 161.53m high and has 768 steps, and this morning we sweated all the way to the top.

Not such heartfelt thanks are due to blog reader James who directed us towards it when we asked for things we should do on our way to Nuremberg.

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Here's the latest picture post from our guest contributor, sports photographer Ross Kinnaird of Getty Images, who got a great snap of the second Sweden goal last night - red shirts woefully absent!

What makes a good goal picture? For me it's a bit like making a omelette. Eggs, cheese, onion and a little chilli. My perfect omelette! It's the same for a goal picture - there are four main ingredients and when you put them all together you have the "perfect" goal picture (not necessarily the perfect picture).
So, take:

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England fans rock on the River Rhine

celina_hinchcliffe2.gif COLOGNE TRAIN STATION - It was tough getting any sleep last night. England fans were partying in the Cathedral square, right outside our hotel.

They were in full voice til about 4am and then started again at 6. As I opened my curtains this morning, I could see some of their St George flags still blowing - Stoke City, Hull City boys on Tour: Gaz, Phil, Pete and Darren and Worksop Owls.

I was at the game last night, such a privilege. I was perfectly placed, looking right down the barrel for Joe Cole's stunning opener. But what struck me was England's lack of width - and that has been the real buzzword out here around the in-form teams.

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England fans winning over German kids

claire_heald66.gifCOLOGNE - A whopping 85,000 England fans made it here for the match, the latest figures guestimate from officials.

But before the biggest crowd so far packed the stadium and city, one group of fans made it to a local school to teach the German children a few football songs. And it wasn’t like assembly in my day.

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Which knockout games will be on the BBC?

We've had a few questions about our coverage going into the knockout phase of the tournament.
So I've got this from the boss, Roger, this morning:

All of England's remaining games are guaranteed to be on BBC television, radio and broadband. In terms of the TV split with ITV: we have the Ecuador game and any England quarter-final to ourselves. An England semi-final or (getting carried away) final would be shown by both of us. We can stream on broadband all BBC TV games - and Five Live has, of course, got the lot. As for all the remaining non-England games in the second round - we don't yet know which will be on the BBC and which will be on ITV - but hope to soon and will let you know when we can.

We'll update our schedule page with the details when we have them.
Claire S, blog editor.

Muddling through

paul_armstrong_55x55.gifBERLIN - Once again, setting aside our personal feelings, England’s result was satisfactory, in that they won the group. An England v Germany clash on Saturday would have been enormous, but would have presented us with a few headaches.

The split with ITV gives us sole live coverage of England’s second-round game. We will have a studio on site but are happier with Stuttgart on Sunday rather than Munich on Saturday. Like the team, we could use an extra day’s preparation time.

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The plugs don't work

phil_mcnulty.gifCOLOGNE - It was night of tension and high drama that left those at the centre of the action knee-deep in chewed fingernails at the final whistle - and that was just in the media tribune.

England made it through to the second round with a draw against Sweden, but not without a few serious scares and nervous moments along the way.

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England in Ulm

paul_fletcher.gif ULM - I met a Swedish fan at the start of the tournament who had a T-shirt that read "Sweden 2-2 England - agreed?".

Well, it may have been agreed or it may not have been agreed but at the end it was indeed 2-2.

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