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From our reporters in Germany

The desperate search for tickets

paul_fletcher.gif MUNICH - There was real tension outside the ground as Brazil prepared to face Australia - and it wasn't about the match.

The sheer number of people hanging around outside looking for tickets really took me by surprise.

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We all love the Germans!

laura_smithspark.gifIsn’t it funny how 10 days of football can change so many people’s ideas about other nations?

I never expected to hear so many voices from around the world say how great the Germans are. I also didn’t expect the World Cup to be quite such an international love-in.

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World Cup look-alikes

paul_atherton.gifIBC, MUNICH – There’s a football pundit on German TV who looks uncannily like Jackie Stewart.

I discovered today he is former West Germany international Gunter Netzer. He seems to be their number one pundit (in fact, possibly their only pundit) – Germany’s answer to Alan Hansen I reckon.

Has anyone else got any good World Cup look-alikes?

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Rooney stars behind closed doors

phil_mcnulty.gifBADEN-BADEN - England's "open" training sessions in front of the media are hardly the most informative of affairs.

The 15 minutes allotted usually allows you enough time to confirm international footballers can run, stretch, jump, and play a clever little game where one player stands in the middle and his team-mates torment him by passing the ball around him.

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Samba beat hits Munich

Martin MUNiCH - Arriving in Munich we've walked straight into another massive party, the Brazilians and Aussies are in town for their match on Sunday.

As every other first time visitor to the city, Fletch and I made a bee-line for the Hofbrauhaus to try and get something to eat and drink.

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Meeting My Hero Waddle in K-Town

celina_hinchcliffe2.gif HEIDELBERG - They say never meet your heroes because they will only disappoint you. Well when I saw him shimmy out of the commentary box after the Italy USA game, I knew that wasn't going to be the case.

Chris Waddle hadn't lost his touch.

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