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From our reporters in Germany

England with the Klinsmanns

paul_fletcher.gifA CARPARK, SORRY CAMPSITE, STUTTGART - Ricco and I went to find the Klinsmann family bakery in the Stuttgart suburb of Botnang this afternoon.

Alas, Thursday just happened to be the Corpus Christi holiday in this part of Germany and the place was closed - but that was definitely not the end of the story.

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Bloggers on the block

LONDON - You won't know this yet, but we've set up a friendly prediction league between our bloggers.

There are no prizes. There are no forfeits, just pride among sport journalists. And lot's of it.

We've used Five Live's Challenge Lawro (you know that Mark Lawrenson chap from the TV) to get our league going and the early front runners were Five Live's very own Nigel Adderley and a certain blog editor.

Perhaps more importantly, Fletch is well ahead of Ricco so things could turn nasty in their mobile home Svan. Check out the latest standings here.

Alex T, blog editor

Spanish serenade

Afternoon folks,
Hope you're all enjoying the blog today - I've had a call from Nigel Adderley who is mortified to think anyone reading his blog entry about the Spain Ukraine match last night mistook his comments about Andriy Shevchenko..

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Arrests - but the party goes on

DORTMUND – It was certainly a lively night in the city, with over 400 arrests and more van-loads of police in riot gear than I’ve ever seen in my life before.

It seems that when the German police move in, they do it in numbers.

But the clampdown on suspected hooligans and drunken fans was only a part of the picture.

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Causing trouble

paul_fletcher.gifA MOTORWAY, TOWARDS STUTTGART - Fresh from doing three-point turns on the finishing straight at Hockenheim on Wednesday, we are now heading further south.

Last night we watched Germany's narrow win over Poland in the beautiful town of Heidelberg, but the evening was not without its more unsavoury aspects.

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England drowned out by German din

phil_mcnulty.gifNUREMBERG - England’s World Cup base near Baden-Baden is equipped with all mod cons – most crucially the technology to watch their usual television channels from home.

Wayne can keep up with his personal favourite Coronation Street, thus not losing track of which murderer, abuser, poison pen writer, or general all-round bad egg Gail Tilsley’s got herself involved with in the last fortnight.

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Svan goes racing - the movie!

MartinHEIDELBERG - It's another fine morning in Germany and I think my adrenalin has finally stopped pumping after the Hockenheim experience, but it'll get going again ahead of the England game, I'm sure.

Check out our video of Svan tackling the turns of a Grand Prix circuit - I wonder what our advanced driving instructor Ronny would think of it...

Tor! Tor! Tor!*

paul_armstrong_55x55.gif BERLIN: I know that the BBC has to be neutral, but I must admit to celebrating that dramatic late German winner last night. I’m also really enjoying all the feedback and reaction we’re getting through this site.

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£30m - are you having a laugh

nigel_adderley.gifLEIPZIG - Diego Maradona's presence as a pundit created chaos in the press box ahead of the Spain v Ukraine game as his security entourage seemed determined to stop anyone else from doing their jobs. But nothing could disguise Spain's terrific start to the tournament - or Andriy Shevchenko's disappointment.

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