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From our reporters in Germany

Sun of David

tom_geoghegan.gifbild_203.jpgNUREMBERG - German tabloid Bild has provoked a war with its old British sparring partner The Sun, after it poked fun at David Beckham's family.

If you missed it, here's Round Two from the red-top corner.

But while Wapping may be rallying to the support of the Beckhams, there's less sympathy among some locals in Nuremberg.

Stefen Koch, pictured, said: "Yes, I read it and I thought it was funny. Maybe it wasn't fun for the Beckhams but Bild is a good newspaper, although it sometimes goes too far."

Togo no go

MartinFRANKFURT - I'm sure you'll all feel very sorry for me when I tell you I didn't get into the South Korea v Togo match this afternoon.

I'd given up the chance of making it in when I was delayed collecting our new 3G cards for the laptops but a call from Fletch in the press box informing me of quite a few empty seats sent me scurrying back into the public transport system and heading to the Waldstadion.

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If you go down to the woods today....

phil_mcnulty.gifBADEN-BADEN Security is understandably tight around England's training base in the woods high above Buhlertal - and it needs to be to cope with the intrepid band of journalists following Sven-Goran Eriksson's squad.

One newspaper reporter, rightly and justifiably seeking out more information, adopted a high-risk policy today in the hope of being rewarded with that extra snippet of news about Wayne Rooney, or perhaps that subtle change in Eriksson's formation.

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Welsh supporting England or Trinidad?

LONDON - The BBC's North East Wales website is running a debate on whether locals should be supporting England - by virtue of Michael Owen's roots, or Trinidad & Tobago because of 6ft 7in defender Dennis Lawrence, a cult figure with Wrexham FC.

Owen Hargreaves, the Canadian-born Germany-residing England player, gets a lot of stick. I watched him address the media conference this morning and he was very forthright, admitting he's been surprised by the negative reaction. Expect to see his "England fans have not seen the best of me yet," plea making headlines in the tabloids tomorrow.

Maradona stories

paul_fletcher.gifFRANKFURT - People are wandering around and around the Waldstadion as we approach kick-off in the match between Togo and South Korea.

I just bumped into a colleague from BBC World Service who told me a story about Maradona.

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Answer to some of your questions

BERLIN - Today is a bonkers day as all three games are live on BBC One.
But I wanted to answer some of your questions about our coverage, including some feedback on the camera positions, so here goes:

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Life in a German town

MartinDREIEICH-OFFENTHAL - Our problems with Svan have had a positive knock-on effect in that we've been afforded an evening when we don't have to be rushing around and can actually sit down and watch some football.

With Fletch rooting for Ghana and myself just hoping football was the winner, we settled down in a traditional German biergarten and enjoyed what this particularly leafy Frankfurt suburb had to offer and watched this evening's game.

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