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Nasty habits (part II)

LONDON - Before I get into the meat of this entry let me just point you towards our trailer which ran on Football Focus today (watch the video) - great publicity for the blog but I need to have a word about my image rights as my cartoon makes me look like an 80-year-old who hasn't slept for a year - or Tord Grip for that matter.

So Fletch thinks I might have some nasty habits, eh?

bloggers2_203x152.gifAs someone who's endured some shocking housemates in his time, including a Bavarian who communicated solely through grunts and post-it notes on the bathroom mirror, I think I've learnt to be as mild mannered as possible.

But five weeks is a long time and the mask is bound to slip at some point, so let's address Fletch's concerns one by one:

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Healthy thinking

tom_geoghegan.gifLONDON - England fans may not be renowned for their sensitivity but a group heading to Germany is determined to raise awareness about mental health.

Made up of staff and users, and backed by an initiative called Shift, they've arranged an exchange of banners and a football match with a German team made up of the same, on the morning of England's first game.

It shows there's plenty of goodwill among England's support and I hope to discover more evidence of this during the tournament.

I think such positive headlines are sometimes buried because the media likes to focus on the poor behaviour of the past. What do you think? Do fans get a rough deal?

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