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From our reporters in Germany

Next stop Cologne

LONDON - so, after some final preparations, we're all packed to fly to Germany in the morning. We've been trying to work out how to use our new camera this week. It's entirely digital and is the first time we've used it - so there's a kind of `Michael Owen' like pressure on cameraman Twammers to deliver. Like Sven, there really is no Plan B.

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The beautiful game

laura_smithspark.gifLONDON - Never mind the question of whether football and beauty pageants should be mentioned in the same breath - this is good news for Togo fans!

I was pleased to discover from this blog that, while the Sparrowhawks might be unlikely to win the World Cup, the Togolese will at least have one thing to boast about: triumph in the Miss World Cup beauty contest.

The lovely Edwige Madze Badakou outshone hopefuls from the 31 other competing nations to take home not only a crown and a sash, but apparently also a cash prize and use of a car for a year.


It's not quite the $200,000 that members of the Togolese squad are reportedly demanding for taking part in the tournament but quite handy nonetheless.

Is this the success that Togo's chief voodoo priest has predicted for his nation in Germany? Fans of the Sparrowhawks will be hoping their nation's good fortune lasts a little longer...

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