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You are my obsession

LONDON - As someone who sometimes thinks they might suffer from mild OCD tendencies (great doc on Radio 4's You and Yours on Monday) , one thing I love about football is how it makes it ok to be obsessive.

So, come on, let's hear your tales of obsession & football...giant_balls203.jpg

Here's a couple to get you started: Mark Poole is Scottish but that hasn't stopped him getting into the spirit of things (incidentally, our boss Roger Mosey is talking about the difficulties of being the British Broadcasting Corporation when only England are in the World Cup on our editor's blog).

Mark plans to find a pub in London that is home to each of the 32 teams competing in the World Cup and watch each game there As he puts it:

I thought Portugal, Poland and Brazil would be easy, but does London have an Angolan community? What about Paraguay? And what sort of venue would Saudis choose to watch the game? Mind you, given my congested fixture list, any break from alcohol would prove very welcome.

But Mark's fixation is surpassed by Gman writing at My Sofa World Cup....

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