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Seeking serendipity

claire_heald66.gifLONDON - It's one of the longest games of keepy-uppy the world has seen. Two England fans are kicking a football - and not just any ball, what they call the 'olympic torch for the World Cup' - from the UK to Germany.

The Spirit of Football 2006 is the follow up to Christian Wach and Phil Wake's 2002 effort, when they took 10 weeks to kick a ball to Seoul.

Then they enjoyed the highs of football with Tibetan monks, the lows of someone stealing the ball in China - they asked for it back - and found that an impromptu game broke down barriers in every country en route.

"The guiding light of the whole trip is serendipity" says Christian. "Carrying a football got us out of tricky situations and into places we wouldn't have been able to go - like Kyrgyzstan."

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