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From our reporters in Germany

Have you seen this man?

paul_fletcher.gifLONDON - Help needed. During the World Cup I am very keen to find a man called Didi Senft.

He rides a very large bicycle and usually follows the Tour de France, though I’m told that this year he will be in his native Germany for the World Cup.

Senft also dresses as a red devil, is a bit of an eccentric and the wheels on his bike look like huge footballs.

I would very much like to meet him and have a go on his bike - any ideas where we can find him?

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Some Friday afternoon entertainment

LONDON - I’m usually the last to know about stuff so apologies if you have seen this before but hats off to these guys at Manchester Metropolitan University for this video spoof on the Nike football ad.
Did they really fail all their exams as a result? Anyone know any more about them? Perhaps they should enter our very own keepy-uppy competition? Guys - get in touch!

Anyway, thanks for letting me know about your blogs – keep ‘em coming. I’m adding the best to our blog roll.
It’s not about the World Cup, or even sport, or anything really so why did this make me giggle?

If you're going to Germany you may want to get in touch with this merry band of bloggers...
Sadly, we've had to turn down volunteers to join our camper van crew, Fletch and Ricco.
But you can apply to join this lot hanging out in a free flat in Berlin apparently...

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Only a game

tom_geoghegan.gifLONDON - Spare a thought for John Reeve, from Essex, who is currently 330 miles into his 500-mile charity walk from Wembley to Frankfurt. His son Tim died of leukaemia last December, before the 23-year-old Leeds fan had realised his dream to see England play at the World Cup.

So Mr Reeve has taken up his son’s ambition on foot - starting the day of the FA Cup final and due to arrive at the stadium in Frankfurt the morning of England’s first game - while raising funds for the Tim Reeve Memorial Trust.


Last night, speaking from a village about 30km from Liege, he told me he was ahead of schedule but nursing a very sore ankle.

“Tim’s memory drives me an awful lot,” he said. “You remember the happy times but when it gets hard you think what he went through and you realise it’s nothing at all. It seems like he's with me all the way, which is good."

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