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Let the games begin

Martin Richardson
LONDON - If your office is anything like this one, although I'll grant you at BBC Sport we've got a few more football fanatics than at most, you'll have been deluged with invitations to join various World Cup sweepstakes/predictions/competitions etc.

Out of about eight such invitations I've managed to narrow myself down to four: a fantasy game run by the Metro, a predictions competition with my football mates, plus our very own World Cup Daq.

I'll also be proving my mettle against my fellow bloggers on Radio Five Live's Challenge Lawro - You're all going down!!!!.

Anyway, I'm poring over the list for the fantasy football game - £100m to spend on 12 players, no more than two from a country - and I'm looking for the surprise packages of the tournament that'll make the difference - everyone will have Ronaldinho.

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