World Cup 2006 Blog

From our reporters in Germany

About Celina Hinchcliffe

celina_hinchcliffe2.gifI have worked for the BBC for five years, starting as a reporter at BBC Southern Counties. If you told me back then when I was reporting on Crawley Town that I'd be going to the World Cup, I'd have probably keeled over at the Broadfield Stadium.

Football is my passion in life, Sheffield Wednesday my team. So while all of my school mates had pictures of New Kids on the Block and River Phoenix stuck on their leverarch files, I proudly sported a laminated photo of my footballing hero Chris Waddle.

While over in Germany, I'll be on the road presenting from the host cities for the BBC TV's highlights programme. I'd love to hear from readers about what entertaining things are happening in these cities, where to go and what the fans are up to.

It's not just watching football that I'm passionate about - I love playing footy, golf, tennis and skiing.

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