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A wet July ahead?

Derek Brockway Derek Brockway | 16:02 UK time, Monday, 9 July 2012

I was away last week filming another two walks for a new series of Weatherman Walking - one on the north coast of Anglesey at Cemaes Bay, the other in Llanberis, Snowdonia.

The weather was very mixed; we did enjoy some dry weather and sunshine but we had to abandon filming last Friday because of heavy rain, mist and poor visibility.

That's Welsh weather for you but it has been a very disappointing summer so far and July seems to be going the same way as June, in other words - wet.

A few places such as Rhyl, Mumbles Head, Hawarden, Aberdaron and St. Athan have already had more than a month's worth of rain. In Rhyl, (where the average amount of rainfall is 51.8mm) they've already had 68mm so far this month.

Meanwhile in Llandrindod in Powys, April, May and June were wetter than October, November and December 2011.

The jet stream is to blame for all the rain - it's still in the wrong position and should lie between Scotland and Iceland at this time of year but it is much further south than normal.

Across the pond, the USA is stuck in a ridge of high pressure with a record breaking heat-wave. There is another block of high pressure over Greenland and southeast Europe while the UK is under a trough of low pressure with no sign of it moving yet.

It would take some kind of jolt to get the jet stream to change its position and move further north. A hurricane in the Atlantic might do it but there's no sign of one in the near future.

This means the weather in our part of the world will continue rather cool and unsettled with more rain at times and heavy showers this week.

However, I can promise some dry weather and sunshine this week - one fine day and maybe even two in a row, if we're lucky.




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