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Derek Brockway Derek Brockway | 15:21 UK time, Monday, 6 June 2011

I was on Gower at the weekend to open the annual Gower walking festival at Caswell Bay. Thanks to all those who turned up and did the seven mile walk with me, which we filmed for Weatherman Walking last year.

It was nice to do the walk and not be followed by the cameras but having told everyone it would stay fine, showers broke out on Saturday afternoon which were unexpected, so I had a little egg on my face...

It just goes to show that no forecast is set in stone and things can change which can be both frustrating and annoying.

I am confident it will stay dry on Gower today but the rest of the week looks more unsettled, low pressure will bring some unstable air, towering clouds and showers but I can promise a few sunny spells.

It will be breezy at times along the coast and not that warm with top temperatures between 12 and 16 Celsius.

By the way, after some persuasion I have joined the world of Twitter! You can follow my tweets here and enjoy a few pearls of meteorological wisdom or not...But if the forecast goes pear shaped, please don't be too hard on me :)

Back to walks now - the Anglesey walking festival is currently on and ends on 12 June.

Have a good week



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