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Your snow pics

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Martin Aaron Martin Aaron | 10:19 UK time, Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Well, it looks as if we've seen the worst of the snow for the time being but we could be in for a little bit more on Wednesday.

Aside from all the chaos the snow causes; it also dramatically alters the landscape - transforming the mundane into something very dramatic.

I found myself getting repeatedly lost on Saturday morning trying to escape Cardiff and get onto the slippery M4.

As I walked to my van, I felt like I was in a disaster movie - with abandoned cars and snow everywhere I looked, but no people!

The normally busy roads were eerily quiet aside from the occasional jack-knifed delivery lorry or car skidding to escape the snow.

Once I'd dug my van out and got going, the fun really began. I've never missed so many turns in all my life but all familiarity vanished.

Everything looked completely different and with road signs covered in snow, it made navigating, let alone driving - very tricky indeed.

*If you're on an icy hill, keep a steady speed all the way up - don't brake or stop on the steepest section* Sorry, but I had to get that off my chest!

You've all been very busy, getting out and about and taking some amazing photos, so here are a few taken during the recent snow flurries:

Snow scene taken by Nigel

A dramatic snow scene taken by Nigel Lewis.

Merthyr Mawr at noon on Monday by Andrew Owen.

Merthyr Mawr bathed in glorious sunshine at noon on Monday by Andrew Owen.

Temperature reading of minus 17C in a car.

A temperature reading of -17C in an car on Monday morning in Bala town centre by Keith Humph.

Pontsticill reservoir Tim Borman

Pontsticill Reservoir on Sunday, taken from the Brecon Mountain Railway Station by Tim Borman of Church Village.

A danger sign for thin ice. Image by Jo Bird

A swan finds out the hard way in Roath Park lake! Photo by Jo Bird in Cardiff

That's it for now. Keep them coming - wales.nature@bbc.co.uk or add your favourite snaps to our Flickr group.




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