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Warming up

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Derek Brockway Derek Brockway | 15:48 UK time, Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Last night there was another widespread frost with temperatures at Trawscoed in Ceredigion dipping to minus 9 Celsius!

The cold and icy weather is not everyone's cup of tea but the frost is pretty to look at. If you're fed up with the cold and scraping the frost off your car windscreen - you'll be happy to know that a change is on the way.

The cold air over us at the moment is going to move away to the east over the next few days replaced by milder air from the Atlantic.

Bob Hyett took this photo this morning at Wenvoe on a very frosty Vale of Glamorgan, when it was -5C.

Bob Hyett took this photo this morning at Wenvoe, Vale of Glamorgan, when it was -5C.

So after tonight, temperatures are going to rise by a few degrees with a thaw of lying snow but higher temperatures in the hills and mountains could lead to falling ice from frozen waterfalls.

Low cloud, mist and fog will become more likely too as the milder and moister air flows over the frozen ground.

Mind you, it looks like the change to milder weather is only a blip. Next week will turn colder again with north-easterly winds and I wouldn't be surprised if there was more snow before Christmas.



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