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Cast your vote into a river

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Martin Aaron Martin Aaron | 09:49 UK time, Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Our Rivers campaign was launched last year to campaign for clean, healthy rivers across England and Wales and not long after - a Government report found that 74% of rivers were failing to meet European environmental targets.

The report found that just 5% of rivers in England and Wales were in pristine condition. The rest face a variety of pressures including; run off pollution from fertilisers and poorly designed urban drainage.

Other issues included invasive riverbank species such as signal crayfish and American mink and low water levels caused by over abstraction - the removal of too much water for irrigation treatment and drinking water purposes.

Some of you may remember the blog I wrote back in February concerning the Environment Agency Wales and the Welsh Assembly Government's ambitious plans to improve all waterways in Wales by 2015.

The River Taff in the heart of Cardiff by Gale:

This summer saw thousands of fish being rescued as many of our rivers dropped to exceptionally low levels thanks in part to a hot, dry start to the summer.

Around 2,000 fish including gudgeon, trout, eels, rudd and chubb were rescued after becoming trapped by low levels of water feeding into the River Taff in Cardiff.

Now is your chance to get involved!

The Our Rivers Campaign which includes the RSPB, WWF-UK, the Angling Trust and the Salmon and Trout Association is calling on people in Wales to take part by going online and voting for their 'best' and 'worst' river in England and Wales.

To cast your vote, visit the Our River campaign website. Voting ends on 31 October 2010.


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