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Flying axes

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Derek Brockway Derek Brockway | 16:19 UK time, Thursday, 22 July 2010

Well it's the last day of the Royal Welsh Show and this week has really flown by. Apart from Tuesday, which was wet, the weather has been very kind to us.

In fact Llanewedd has been very lucky as other parts of Wales have been hit by heavy downpours and floods.

Earlier on today I did my lunchtime weather report from the forestry section and bumped into John Bufton from the Welsh Axemen team.

The guys have been competing against each other over the past four days here. They prefer dry weather because when it rains their axe handles become slippery and can fly off into the crowd - ouch!

The quickest time for cutting through a log is between 20 and 30 seconds but the world record is about 14 seconds.

They also take part in pole climbing (nothing to do with Poland) when two men climb up individual 100 foot wooden poles using a strop and spiked boots.

The winner is the first man to reach the top and ring the bell. It only takes around 13 seconds and is great fun to watch.

I did think of having a go myself...but I've got a bad back...and there's always next year.



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