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Dancing diggers

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Derek Brockway Derek Brockway | 12:59 UK time, Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Royal Welsh Show isn't all about pigs, sheep and cattle although there's a fair bit of that too!

There are plenty of other things here to keep you entertained, such as the JCB Dancing Diggers which I saw yesterday, strutting their stuff in the main ring.

They've been described on the RWS website as "a down to earth version of the Red Arrows, and have curtsied for the Queen; pirouetted for TV and thrilled thousands of people all over the world."

These mechanical monsters performed intricate routines to all kinds of music from pop to classical including a hit from Tom Jones.

The diggers circled around each other and weaved in and out with only inches to spare. The drivers also used their hydraulics to perform acrobatic moves and even did hand-stands!

It was amazing to watch as the machines raised their back wheels off the ground, creating an arch for other machines to drive through. The finale was accompanied by fireworks which really got the crowd going.

The JCB Dancing Diggers are a spectacular and unusual entertainment, well worth watching - even in the rain.




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