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5* Severn Bore video footage

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Martin Aaron Martin Aaron | 14:36 UK time, Wednesday, 3 March 2010

More about this amazing bore wave on BBC Gloucester's website.

Scores of Welsh surfers went along to try their luck this year. Were you one of them?

If so get in touch and tell us how you got on!



  • Comment number 1.

    Hi my name is Spence, i was surfing the bore the 1st and 2nd March a mile ride at Newnham and i was the first surfer up and last off at The Severn Bore Inn both days! loads of footage on sky news,bbc news and itv im the one in front with the blue helmet and yellow rash vest.The wave was a lot larger the night before , We surfed it at the severn bore inn in the dark at 9am i attached a torch to my helmet so i could see the river bank, we couldent see the wave comeing but could here it in the distance retacting off ether side of the banks, as it came around the bend i could only see a wall of white water from bank to bank, it felt as though a tsunami was heading towards me only untill it was 3m away i realised how big the bore was, easy 8ft , and i have good back up of this from fellow surfers, names can be supplied.l surfed it right to the bend again, this was one of the most scariest adrenalin rushes ive had for along time.

  • Comment number 2.

    Nice work Spence.

    It's a great adrenalin rush when you hear the bore rounding that first bend and watching everyone frantically jostling for position isn't it? :)

    8ft is one hell of a good bore!

    Last time I surfed it, the wave jacked up to around 4-5ft on a tight bend and was 'sheet glass'(it looked like an ocean wave for about 30 seconds) before it subsided to 2ft of powerful white water once the river straightened out :(

    I had a good ride that day though, roughly 2 miles but trying to paddle out of the river current and clamber up and over the bank was hard work!

    If you've any footage or pics then I'd love to feature them here. You can email me at wales.nature@bbc.co.uk or surfing.wales@bbc.co.uk



  • Comment number 3.

    I was by the river throughout the run of the tides.. Spence, I believe I met you in the pub. The tall bloke with the heavily strapped arm? I will confirm that the wave on that night tide was one of the biggest I saw all week,with a nice shape, and was certainly much bigger than the rather fat wave that went through that section on the Tues morning tide, filmed from the helicopter by Sky. I think there was just too much water in the river by then, but there's a spot on the river for every set of conditions, and I'm hoping that Countryfile will have footage from Steve's boat of a section I saw which was very impressive.

    The crowds were insane on Tuesday. We counted 70 in the water at Newnham and Arlingham.


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