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Birds on ice

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Martin Aaron Martin Aaron | 11:39 UK time, Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A selection of photos featuring some of the more unusual bird species sent in to our Flickr group during the recent cold snap.

I have to say I'm a little bit jealous of this one. I've never ever seen a 'live' bittern. I can remember finding a dead one in Pembrokeshire near a local reed bed when I was about 10yrs old and I've heard a few in the distance but that's as close as I've ever got.

Looking at the bittern's remarkable camouflage though, it's no surprise that these birds remain hidden from view for most of their lives. The snow and ice are definitely making it easier to get closer to wildlife.

Bittern on the ice by Moses Davies:

This red kite was spotted soaring over the snowy hills at Nant yr Arian by Alan Cole:

Meanwhile Jeff Cohen spotted a rare goldcrest in the Greenfield Valley:

A pied wagtail by Ef-stop bobbing its way along the ice:

A wren getting some much needed water at a local reed bed by Graham Billington:



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