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The fungus among us

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Jody Bourton Jody Bourton | 12:05 UK time, Friday, 24 October 2008

With it raining so much this Autumn, it's been a good year for fungi - and there are loads around at the moment.

Fungi are really interesting to find and I'm always intrigued by the array of shapes and sizes they come in.

I recently found a whole lot of large fungi around a tree - which was pretty special.


To me, fungi seem to have an air of the fairytale about them and I half expect to see a fairy or pixie hanging about. Not very natural history, I know. (Don't worry I havn't been eating them!)

I really wish I knew a bit more about theses fungal profusions. Apparently they can even move around!

You can also eat them, of course. But you should be careful as some species are extremely poisonous.

Also with the recent trend in foraging for you own food, some fungi have been hit hard as people have unwittingly removed and potentially damaged fungi communities.

Check out some other fabulous fungi photos on the BBC Wales Nature Flickr group.

I'm currently on location near Petworth Deer Park as we prepare for the latest series of Autumnwatch which starts on BBC Two on Monday 27 October.

This is the week when the fallow deer start their rut and it's a great location in beautiful surroundings.

The park also hosts some other great wildlife to boot with many lizard species and bats present, I've been told.

Over the next few days we'll be filming the deer to see which males are going to be the head honchos of the group and the ones that will most likely end up with all the ladies.

Great science and story behind these beautiful deer. I'll keep you updated as to how we get on.

Only three days to transmission - yikes!


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