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Marina blasts US label and calls herself a 'failure'

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James McLaren James McLaren | 11:00 UK time, Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Despite a warmly-received début album, Marina And The Diamonds' Marina Diamandis has described herself a "a failure" and lambasted her American record label in an interview with Australian radio station Undercover FM.

Marina & The Diamonds

Marina And The Diamonds

Of 2010, she said: "It has been a big year but I feel more like a failure than a success. I haven't done anything I wanted to. For someone who wants to be one of the best artists of her generation I've done [nothing].

"The Americans, I absolutely adore my fanbase there, but it has been built purely on me and my online presence," she said. "The label [Chop Shop] haven't really promoted me I'm afraid. It's very difficult. It's not really the label's fault. The pop landscape there is so difficult to penetrate and as you go into this dance world now; dance music was quite underground for a long time in America but now because of [Lady] Gaga and people like that it has been brought back. You need to be in that pumping beats area and I am certainly not.

"I feel pissed off I'm not bigger."

Marina is currently working on the follow-up to The Family Jewels.


  • Comment number 1.

    She has followed on the tide of chavvy style female singers who are now 10 a penny. Were the music with more meaning and feeling rather than trashy pop she would probably continue for longer with more success than the flash in the pan tracks she released.

    Most anyone can remember is that her name is Marina and she looks like Catherine Zeta. Try again though, Cerys and Catatonia failed to resurface after a great album, with a change of image (like dropping the diamonds) she could easily better her first attempts.

  • Comment number 2.

    Such a confusing article. It makes it seem like Marina thinks shes Kate Bush!! I don't get it.
    There are lots of talented muscians out there itching to be in Marinas position, who are working REALLY HARD trying to get ahead. Its sad that she doesnt seem grateful or thankful for anything she has.

  • Comment number 3.

    @#1: I wouldn't call her music trashy pop. In fact I consider that label in itself as being snobbish or elitist and having no place in a sensible discussion. Different people have different music tastes and you need to respect that. Just because it doesn't conform to your standards doesn't give you the right to label it trashy pop (or her a chav).

    I'm not really in a position to comment on how well she's doing in America, but I can see how it can be quite a restricted market (it always has been for British acts) and how that might be frustrating for her.

    A large part of the problem, the same problem that has existed since mainstream media really took off, is that the music media outlets such as radio or MTV-like channels have a large degree of influence when it comes to dictating a 'music scene'. It's the power of the few against the many, yet again. Whilst she may have a decent-sized fanbase, she may not be considered 'investable'.

  • Comment number 4.

    I respect her ambition to be "big" but it can sound a little arrogant. The female solo pop market has been saturated recently and it's always going to be difficult to make yourself heard in amongst this. However her songs are strong and she's got a ton of talent. I'm sure success will come soon.

  • Comment number 5.

    I am a massive fan of marina and - although it isn't that big yet - she has a really dedicated fan base (the diamonds) and to call herself a failure is a little insulting as she should be happy she's got the fans she has. I still love her and her music but I hope she learns to appreciate the success she already has rather than complains about what she doesn't have

  • Comment number 6.

    Probably just a bad day.

    We all have them.

    What's wrong with 'trashy' pop? If anything, her songs are probably too thoughtful and (relatively) low-key for a mass market. She's got loads of time.

  • Comment number 7.

    Sounds to me she wasn't 'blasting' her record label but did state what was happening and what she sees as being a problem. It came across as a professional identifying issues of where she sees herself.

    I also wouldn't describe Marina and the Diamonds as trashy pop...they have a distinctive if you are the type of person who needs to categorise then that's up to you.

    I would also suggest journalists stop trying to build drama out of nothing and start approaching subject matters as in a practical down to earth way.

    Marina blasts US label? Where? Where does Marina 'blast' her label?

    There was nothing 'blasting' in her comments. If you want blasting, try a twitter from Lilly Allen...wait...do I mean blasting or ranting?

    There was a criticism at the very least. There was no blasting here.


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