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Manic Street Preachers - Postcards from the media

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James McLaren James McLaren | 10:29 UK time, Friday, 17 September 2010

I reviewed Manic Street Preachers' Postcards From A Young Man last week, and with the record about to be released this coming Monday, more reviews are coming out every day

Here we round up those we've found so far. The consensus is that it's a very good record - eights and nines out of 10 are common.

If you know of any others, please let us know.

(NB: If you're a Manics fan you may enjoy the in-depth discussion about all aspects of the band on unofficial fansite and forums on Forever Delayed.)

BBC Music
"...for those Manics fans whose bearing on the band is centred by a Britpop firmament, rather than The Holy Bible, this record will prove a joy. It's jolly, but jolly good."

Western Mail
"As you'd expect from the Manics, it features soaring tunes and there's still plenty of rage - and I love it."

Western Mail
"On Postcards From A Young Man, they have lost none of their raging melancholia within the soaring tunes."

The Independent
"...surely the Manics' best album since Everything Must Go."

The Guardian
"As it plays, you're struck by the fact that no one else does anything like it: reason enough for the Manic Street Preachers' continued existence."

"As far as being an album that shows progression it doesn't succeed, but it also at times represents a love letter to former glories and if this tenth release should be their last it's a fitting reminder of what a great band they used to be."

"There is a sad wistfulness to Postcards From A Young Man, at times heartbreakingly so."

"Postcards From a Young Man is a wonderful album; the sound of a band practically bursting with justified confidence in themselves and in their songs. Where their previous work often seared, this album instead glows."

"As luck would have it, someone recently swapped Nicky Wire's gruel and water for Coco Pops and Fanta. The result, on the band's 10th studio album Postcards From A Young Man, is a gutsy burst of string-washed stadium pop rock."

Just Played
"There will be plenty of people who opt to be snobby about the fact that this record is so commercial, so polished and so brazen but those people are all, to a man, idiots. If you can't love these songs, you are incapable of experiencing joy itself."

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