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Unsigned Welsh demos required, any genre

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Adam Walton Adam Walton | 12:03 UK time, Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The lifeblood of my Sunday night Welsh music show is - by rather obvious definition - Welsh music. Despite this having been an excellent year so far for Welsh albums (quick, non-definitive list: Race Horses, Tim and Sam's Tim and the Sam Band with Tim and Sam, Paper Aeroplanes, Los Campesinos, Marina & the Diamonds, Kids in Glass Houses et al), things have been much quieter with regards to new bands/producers and artists making themselves know to us.

There have been great, inspiring exceptions to that statement: Crash Disco, Hyener, The Bright Young People and Samoans have all blown new holes through my eardrums over recent weeks. But, in general, this does feel like an interminable calm before an overdue storm.

Maybe this is because I've got lazy, stopped turning over as many stones as possible to see what lurks underneath. It's been a breathless year, stone turning may well have taken a back seat as I ran around for Wales Music Day and Yr Wythnos Fach. But it's what is under those stones that intrigues me the most. The artists I've never heard of before, the ones making unexpected sounds, the unfamiliar names and MySpace addresses, are what makes me so excited to be able to share three hours of other peoples' visions every Sunday night.

I don't care where in Wales you're from. I don't care what language you choose to sing in, I don't care which pigeonhole people try and squeeze your music into. I don't care how old you are, what your haircut looks like, or how tight or loose your jeans are. All I care about is how interesting, innovative, fresh and passionate your musical ideas are.

So, in short: I want to hear your music. I want to share it with the show's audience of music lovers; an audience of thousands that includes many influential label owners, promoters, bloggers and enthusiasts who may themselves get enthused by what they hear and share it with their followers. And, wherever I can I will offer you an honest ear, constructive opinions and whatever other help you ask for.

That is precisely why shows like mine exist.

It's a service you're enthusiastically encouraged to take advantage of.

And even if you're not a musician of any description, I want to hear about bands you've heard that have fired your imaginations and got you excited.

So, get those (high quality) .mp3s to me, with a short biography and a contact number ASAP. Send them to: themysterytour@gmail.com - just send your best one or two tracks.

I'll get back to you as quickly as I can. If I play you on the show, I'll let you know in advance.

Whether you're from Amlwch or Ammanford, Aberystwyth or Aberdare; whether you make the most opaque and terrifying doom metal or bejewelled, sunny folk pop, I'm stupid keen to hear your creativity.

Over to you.

Thank you / diolch yn fawr iawn.


  • Comment number 1.

    Hi Adam! Got a few projects on the go at the mo so will send ya a couple of tracks off the last album (The White Soul Project- Last Night) to bathe ya ears in so hope ya like, quite loungy rich n atmospheric we thinks! On facebook aswell if ya wanna check the page info n stuff but can mail ya a bio if ya prefer? Line up consists of two of us from the old glam/punk outfit Creme Brulee which if my memory serves me right ya played a few times a few years back....but definitely a different thing this time round! Regards Cheef : ]


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