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Stuart Cable 1970-2010

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James McLaren James McLaren | 09:48 UK time, Monday, 7 June 2010

It is with great sadness that we report that Stuart Cable, former Stereophonics drummer and Radio Wales presenter, has died aged 40.

Emergency services attended Mr Cable's house at Llwydcoed near Aberdare, Cynon Valley, at 0500 BST on Monday 7 June. Police say there are no suspicious circumstances. Read the latest on the BBC News website.


Cable performed with Stereophonics from their formation as Tragic Love Company until 2003. A larger-than-life character, he was famed for his big personality and his big hair. He brought a sense of fun to his work, and was always full of stories about his time on the road.

At the time of his death, he was drumming with Welsh band Killing For Company as well as presenting Saturday Night Cable on Radio Wales.

In the lead-up to the show's latest run on Radio Wales, he came in to talk to Jamie and Louise and was as enthused as ever about his music, his love of great drummers and the show.

Killing For Company were due to perform at Donington Park this Saturday and their new album is due for release shortly.

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Tributes to Stuart Cable:

"Stuart Cable gave me his ticket for Wales v Ireland Six Nations a few years back at the V club just before kick off because I'd arrived late and mine had been given to someone else. Seats were on the half way line in the sun. We made the opening of the game and he arrived a little later after getting another ticket. I'll always remember having a good time with him at The Carpenters when I lived in Aberdare. A True gent.R.I.P." - Richard Proctor, They Walk Among Us

"Stuart will go down as the best Welsh Drummer of all time! He complemented the Phonics to their best work and was a great character in his own right. He will be sorely missed. RIP Butt." - Mike Jones

"I am absolutely devastated at the death of Stuart Cable. I saw his new band twice this year: once at the gathering (for another welsh band, The Alarm), and also saw them supporting The Alarm at the Citrus Club in Edinburgh. Having spoken to him both at the gathering, and in Edinburgh, he was a really, genuine, down to earth, and thoroughly decent bloke - and his new band were, I think, destined to really make their mark. My thoughts go out to all of his friends and family: it's a very sad day for Welsh Music." - Luke Campbell

"I met Stuart with my son (a keen drummer at the time) after watching Scarlets at Stradey a few years ago. Despite him being with friends, Stuart took the time to chat to my son about his drumming and what he should do to improve. This is a tragic event for Wales." - Ian Gravell

"Got to know Stuart through doing security at many an event over the years. Made a long day seem so much better. What a man. Will be missed." - Michael Davies

"It's a very sad day for Wales - RIP Stuart, he was one of the brightest stars in Wales! The marmite man he was know in his circle of mates! You will be sadly missed RIP - Stuart." - Mikey

"Never had the pleasure of seeing Stuart perform live but I have plenty of videos and DVDs of him drumming with Stereophonics and he was a truly talented and gifted performer. Stuart you will be missed. Rest in Peace x" - Sharan

"It's so unbelievably sad to hear the news about Stuart Cable this morning. For thousands of twenty somethings throughout Wales, Stuart was the face of welsh music as we grew up. He was larger than life and will be missed by millions." - Gareth Bate

"Can't believe he is gone. Never to hear those dulcet tones again is a tragedy." - Sue Pritchard-Jones

"There are very few musicians worth following. Stuart Cable was one of the few who were. Nice guy, funny and talented. The world needs more of his type, not less." - Ed Parnell

"Devastated Down Under in Wodonga, Victoria on this sad news of a Welsh Legend. From one Welsh Drummer to another. RIP my friend! X" - Steve Stone

"Very sad to hear a great fellow drummer has died. I met Stuart when playing with my band Haven at the Cardiff Barfly back in 2002. He was the nicest guy you could meet and we had a great laugh together. Another life taken far too young. R.I.P." - Jack Mitchell

"Stuart was quite simply the coolest man in Welsh rock, despite being part of one of Wales' finest exports there was no rockstar attitude, never anything but one of the boys. He championed young bands from the area offering them spots on his radio show and support slots with his band, he always had time for everyone. The Welsh music scene is a poorer place without him. R.I.P. Stuart." - Jarrad Owens, Amped

"A light has gone out in the valleys." - Sean, Rhondda

"Totally gutted to hear about Stu, He was the personality behind the Phonics and they've not been the same since he left. A true legend!! - Mike Smith

"I am so sad to hear about ex Stereophonics drummer Stuart Cable has died, I have been a huge fan of Stereophonics since the beginning and was really sad when he was sacked back in 2003. The band has never been the same since he left the band he was such a talented guy and what an amazing drummer he was. My heart goes out to his family especially his wee boy. He will be sadly missed." - Kimberley Barrack

"Our thoughts go out to all Stuart's family. He was a kind, considerate lovely, bubbly person. This news is just so sad and so shocking. Everybody loved Stuart. He will be sorely missed." - Elaine Davies, Ellis Davies and families.

"Seeing the Stereophonics live back in 1996 was something of a formative experience for me. They were the first band I ever saw live and it was a revelation to see ordinary guys from the same area as me doing so well, making such fantastic music and especially in the case of Stuart Cable having such a laugh doing it! Very sad he's gone." - Alun

"One of the reasons I became interested in Radio. He will be missed." - Steph

"Such tragic news. I remember seeing the Stereophonics at the Newcastle Telewest Arena back in 1999, and our section of the front row were having lots of banter with Stuart before and during the gig. He then came over to us at the end and gave me one of his drumsticks, accompanied by a wink and a smile. The band lost a lot of character and never really had the same personality after he left." - Jamie Tucker

"I wasn't a friend of Stuart's, but had the pleasure of touring with them when they supported The Alarm on a UK tour last month. He was such a lovely warm bloke; you couldn't fail to like him. Took this photo of him on the last night of the tour in Liverpool with his band Killing For Company showing support for the fight against Lou Gehrig's disease. It's a cliché, but he will be sadly missed but fondly remembered. It was a pleasure to meet you mate!" - Andy Labrow


"What tragic news, just want his family and friends that my thoughts are with them, super sad news for a Monday morning." - Catrin Hayward

"I am shocked beyond belief and utterly saddened to hear that Stuart has died. A few years ago I was in Queen Street in Cardiff with my husband and daughter when Stuart walked right past me. I was in my wheelchair and he was looking straight ahead so he wouldn't have seen me. He had his hands in his pockets and a smile on his face. I wanted to say 'Hello' but I felt stupid. I wish I had now. Seeing him made my day. Seeing or hearing him always made my day. I can't believe he's gone." - Eleanor Dent

"Gutted, heart wrenching, goose pimples, completely shocked & saddened! To say Stuart Cable will be sadly missed is but an understatement! RIP Stuart! xxxxx" - Tracey Russell

"Gutted, superb drummer and Killing For Company were clearly destined for greatness." - Andrew Allport

"Rest In Peace Stuart. A very sad day in South Wales. Condolences to his family." - All the volunteers from Rhondda Radio, Treherbert

"What a legend; you are going to be sadly missed! Stereophonics were not the same after you left, you added a spark that could never be replaced. R.I.P" - Phillip Kennery

"I've just read the tragic news about Stuart Cable on the BBC news website and frankly I'm stunned. Although not a fan of the Stereophonics I was a big fan of Stuart's show on Kerrang radio and always considered him to be the rightful successor to the legend that was Tommy Vance in terms of his appreciation and endorsement of all rock and metal music. His dulcet tones will be very sadly missed." - Nick

"I heard the sad news of one of the greats of Wales passing away; I was only enjoying the Stereophonics concert in Cardiff on Saturday night. Rest well Stuart, keep playing and being the guy you always shown to be. A pure inspiration a sad loss." - Darren Page

"Stuart was such entertainer and always made gigs interesting! Will always remember - and appreciate - all the time he made to chat and have a laugh with fans and interviewing him for our fanzine (I though we talked a lot but he gave us a run for our money!) so easy-going and friendly. A lovely, genuine bloke, who'll be sadly missed - RIP Stuart xx" - Susanna Ettridge

"My heartfelt condolences to Stuart's family at this sad time. I will always remember him as the man who helped me get through Sunday mornings working in a dire pub kitchen with his amazing choice of music peppered with banter and unbelievable stories. The world has lost a truly unique character." - Gary Anderson

"A welsh musical legend. You will be sincerely missed. RIP Stuart." - Andrew. Cardiff

"Legend ;gone but not forgotten. The Welsh community in Dubai are talking about such a sad occasion. RIP always will be remembered. True legend..." - Andrew

"So, so sorry to hear about the sudden tragedy of good man Stuart Cable. Sincere thoughts and prayers go to his wife, son and family at this very very sad time. Love Shadow, Bev and family" - Abercwmboi RFC

"My name's Anfa and I live in Paris... I'm a big Phonics fan since the beginning. I've seen Stuart many times performing in France, Wales and England. I had the chance to meet the full band for an exclusive interview for my website Samesizefeet.net, the French Stereophonics site. I can remember one thing clearly: Stuart told me that he has all this energy onstage because of the fans, he was really proud to play for the kids and really entertained the audience by himself. Thanks Stuart, you'll always be in our hearts..." - Anfa Singsavanh

"RIP Stuart Cable! Seriously gutted to hear about this, the guy was a gent. Had the pleasure of drinking a few ales with him and the boys from the Phonics when they were last in Edinburgh together before his departure. Cracking guy, so full of life. I have last of the big time drinkers blazing in my ipod in his honour! Seriously saddened." - Sean Roseburgh, Edinburgh

"Really saddened to hear of the death of Stuart Cable. I met him at services on the M4 on my way back to Swansea, the day after watching the Stereophonics headline at the Reading Festival. He was next to me in the queue to get a fry-up and we chatted about how great it was that Tom Jones joined them on stage the night before. I couldn't believe how down-to-earth he was, and the fact that I was chatting to him in the fry-up queue after watching him on stage with tens of thousands of other people! Great memory for me - genuinely nice guy, he will be sorely missed." - Ben Kidd

"I worked on the first Stereophonics album (Word Gets Around) and spent quite a bit of time with the band. Stuart was a funny, warm and talented guy, and completely down to earth, very genuine. I am stunned by the news, such a tragic loss. My thoughts go to his family at the difficult time." - Emma Doughty (nee Jones)

"I've just heard the tragic news - I still can't really believe it. Stuart was a smashing bloke and I really thought that he was 'going places' with Killing For Company. I'm just glad I had the chance to see him perform one last time in April." - Dave Summers

"Rest in peace dude, you were a top bloke! Long time since we toured but will never forget getting hammered with you and the guys on the Subcircus tour when it was my birthday in Aberdeen!" - Rampton - Sound Engineer

"I'm a 30 year old from Cardiff who remembers the Stereophonics 'explosion' very well. In my late teens and early twenties, Stereophonics ignited a love and passion for music that I didn't know I had. Being Welsh and watching the early Stereophonics years instilled a sense of pride in all young Welsh people. Not only was the music amazing, but the boys were 'loveable rogues' who embraced their roots from the South Wales Valleys. Stuart, in particular, was such a likeable, happy and energetic person. Being the drummer, he could have so easily faded into the background. However, he was an integral part of the band and so outwardly talented, yet not arrogant in any way. The whole of Wales I'm sure, is stunned, just as I am. RIP Stuart Cable. You have shaped the music of Wales for years to come." - Gemma Dowers

"I have just heard the news about Stuart Cable. It is so sad. Whenever I met Stuart he always had time to talk and always was interested in what you were doing. Always happy. Always larger than life. Just Saturday I was at a photo exhibition in Llandaff, one exhibit of which was featuring a photo shoot of him and the band Killing For Company by Michael Morgan. We were saying what a character he was and how we admire how he's gone about things since leaving the Stereophonics. Also how we were looking forward to seeing him on the forthcoming tour. He will be sadly missed." - Glyn Mills

"I am absolutely devastated to hear this sad news. He was such a fun and larger than life character who was so entertaining in his performances back in the 'Old Phonics' era. I will never forget his energy during the Morfa Stadium gig back in July 1999 - it was one of my favourite ever days. He was an integral part of a band whose music has brought me such joy over the years. His music has given me and my friends so many good memories - so many early Phonics songs remind me of so many good times. He will be greatly missed. RIP Stuart." - Craig Price

"Having been a massive fan of early Stereophonics, I loved watching him drum, if not for his technically complicated style, but for his character behind the drums and his visible enjoyment. That is his legacy to my mind - and I will hold that influence with me throughout my own bands progress." - Daniel Holdsworth

"A true Welsh rock legend. You will be missed." - David Harris, Cardiff

"Very sad news about Stuart; condolences to his family. Saw and spoke to him only a few weeks ago. He was supporting the Alarm with his excellent new band, which he was very exited about .A true gentleman and a huge loss." - John Williams

"God Bless you Stuart! You will be an angel in Heaven now. Rock on! Sadly missed RIP." - Peter Paton

"Tragic loss for music in general I am a huge fan of the Stereophonics but must admit since Stuart Cable left I seemed to not be able to associate with the new band set up and watching them live as I did on many occasions he was as big a man in person as he was a vital part of Stereophonics distinctive sound. The most memorable occasion was the v festival in 2002 which he played the drums with no shoes on." - Justin Tarrant

"I only had the pleasure of meeting Stuart Cable once but it is one of my fondest memories. He took time to chat with me and tell me and my friend a couple of stories despite the fact it was about 1am and he was heading for the tour bus. He was a gentleman and a legend and his band inspired me to to what I do today. Such a sad day but I'm sure he's still causing a riot wherever he is!" - Glyn Jones

"I just wanted to say what a great drummer Stuart Cable was. He is the sole reason I became a drummer and he was the driving force behind the Stereophonics, something they have severely lacked since his departure. He will never be forgotten." - Andy Snape

"Sad day - great drummer, great man, he will be sorely missed by all." - Chris Jack

"R.I.P Stuart, you never changed and always had time for everyone. From giving my mam a lift in your catering van to just been good company when out. You will be missed by so many and a Sunday will never be the same to most who knew you. Take care and make sure you rock with best of them up there." - Sian Hobson

"Sad news I met Stuart at Scott Young's testimonial dinner. What a true gent, he will be greatly missed by myself and all fellow bluebirds R.I.P." - Craig

"I was lucky enough to meet Stuart soon after I moved to Wales seven years ago at the Michael Sobell centre in Aberdare. He was the most friendly and down to earth man you could ever meet. Somewhere my mum has a photo of me with him, so I was shocked and saddened to hear of his death. My thoughts, love and prayers go out to his family, friends and ex/new bandmates. He will be missed." - Kerry Shanks

"Well, what can I say? I'm absolutely gutted! Part of my teenage years has died. Back in the late 90s when the Stereophonics first appeared in the mainstream, they were something to be trifled with within the indie genre and at 14, I thought that was brilliant! Nowadays I've grown up and moved on from listening to the band but will never forget how much Stuart made me laugh, his warmness and utter love and passion for music. God bless ya Stu! Wherever you are, keep the neighbours up with your drumming!" - Joanna Edwards

"My first gig was seeing the boys at Newcastle Arena in 1999. My one lasting memory from that gig was Stuart giving 110% to the end of Too Many Sandwiches. I think it was from that point that I realised what rock n roll really was. RIP fella." - Chris Robson

"To me Stuart was the essence of the stereophonics in their prime. My favourite albums of all time were Word Gets Around and Performance And Cocktails. He seemed like such a friendly guy and I'd definitely rate him as a very talented drummer. When asked what bands were you brought up on I would always class the Phonics as one of the first to get mentioned in the list of bands. I am truly gutted that Wales has lost such a personality but no doubts he will live on forever through his family, friends and adoring fans. Much love to the Cable!" - Rachael Hawkins

"A very sad day my heart goes out to all his family and friends r.i.p Stuart." - Darren Mundy

"I am very shocked and saddened to hear of the sudden death of Stuart Cable. I saw him perform with his band Killing For Company (supporting The Alarm) just a few weeks ago in Reading, and thought he and his band were absolutely superb. He will be sorely missed. My condolences go out to his family and friends." - Robbie Grieve

"I remember meeting Stuart backstage. I recently recounted the experience to friends while we were at a phonics gig. My memory is still that he was instantly one of the funniest men I had ever met and still think so to this day. Great man will be sadly missed." - Wes Douglas

"Just heard the tragic news - cannot believe this. Stuart had so much to live for! Never met him but loved his radio persona, what he stood for, and just listening to him. He`ll be missed greatly, and his talents were a gift to us all." - Pete and Gez, Blackstorm

"My friend Nicola Williams had been messaging Stuart last week and the last message was sent to Stuart on Friday.  Stuart had kindly said that he would donate signed drumsticks to auction at a charity event called Holly's Ball 2011 in the Millennium Stadium to raise autism awareness in Wales.  Although we won't have the drumsticks, I just wanted you to know how wonderful and kind he was right to the end and we will always remember him as being special.  We will also read out the message that he sent Nicola at the ball in April 2011." - Jo Salmon

"I only met Stuart once, in the Golden Harp in Aberdare. He treated me as someone he had known for years and was happy to enjoy a pint with me or anyone. A true Gent! He will be missed by all. RIP!" - Kyle Probert

"I am shocked and saddened by this tragic news. Stuart was a hugely popular figure in the local community and throughout Wales as a whole and people are understandably devastated by his untimely death. I met with Stuart at a number of events in Cynon Valley over the years and was also pleased to welcome him to the Assembly some years back. Obviously my heart goes out to his family and my thoughts are with them at this very sad time." - Chris Chapman AM, Cynon Valley

"I have never met a bigger advocate for new and live music in Wales than Stuart Cable. His enthusiasm for Welsh bands was second to none. He was a true gentlemen, always keen to share his experiences and never shied away from any questions. I can positively say that he's had a huge effect on anyone that had the pleasure of meeting him. A very sad day for Wales, losing a huge multi-talented personality. Our thoughts are with his closest friends and family." - Martin Goddard, Sierra Alpha

"Working with Stuart was some of the best times of my life. I still relay the ridiculous stories he used to tell and I am so sorry to hear he won't be able to grace the World with any more. I always walked away from a show he was on with a smile." - Elin Davies

"A true inspiration to myself in the way in which he rose from the small village life with his two best mates and became the biggest rock band in the world. Helped to make Stereophonics the band I love and he will be sorely missed. A truly great drummer and an amazing entertainer. Rest In Peace." - Mic Houghton

"When I heard the news I was stunned. He was so full of life, and on the verge of something major with his new band. Always smiling and laughing, and for me as a drummer, he was someone I admired. Having a laugh was just as important as playing the music. I love listening to early Stereophonics records, and they always looked as though they were having fun making the videos. Wales has lost another inspirational drummer. I'm off to DJ in Sardinia tomorrow, and I will play a song in his memory." - Mark Fellowes

"Deeply saddened by the sad news of Stuarts death. A sad loss to Welsh music and entertainment biz - quality drummer and all round good bloke - RIP." - Peter Williams

"Part of the phonics died when Cable left. A larger than life part has now sadly passed. Awesome drummer. Rip Cabes." - Stephen Thompson

"There are no words for me to express the sudden shock of Stuart's passing, I am literally gobsmacked. I grew up with Stuart in Aberdare and spent many a time in the Carpenters Arms with him, the Monsters Of Rock festivals we went on will go down in memory for many years to come. Spoke with him briefly in May when I was home, and he was the most down to earth, honest  and warm hearted person you would find; he kept his feet on the ground and was always a pleasure to be around. Rest in Peace mate, your beat will always go on in my heart and soul. A legend." - Steve Thomas

"Condolences to the cable family, Stu will be missed by many! RIP dude." - Sean Harrison

"Just wanted to add my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Stuart Cable at this dreadful time. Stuart was a genuinely nice bloke, and a true inspiration to his generation. He never lost touch with reality, and managed to avoid the seductive bright lights that have claimed the souls of so many." - Ioan Edwards

"I would just like to send my condolences to all of Stuarts friends and family, I had the honour of meeting Stuart in Aberdare at the bbc wales roadshow
he was such a lovely person and very kind my daughter had her photo taken with Stuart, and he did not mind one bit when people were going up to him
for this reason. He will be sadly missed by all." - Arianne Blease

"I was Stuart's PE teacher in my very first teaching job at Blaengwawr Comprehensive School in Aberdare in the early 80's. I remember him as a real character and great fun to teach - also a useful hooker in the school team! I got to know him again in recent years through my work at the BBC - you could not wish to meet a more generous and friendly person. He always seemed to have time for everyone and would always leave you smiling. I heard someone remark today that Stuart was the Ray Gravell of Welsh Music - I can't think of a finer tribute." - Phil Steele, BBC Wales Sport 

"Stuart was my next door neighbour in Cwmaman for a few years in the early 90's when the 'Phonics were just making it big. Always fun to talk to and one of the nicest people you would wish to meet. He remained a normal local guy and didn't allow fame and fortune to change his approach to life one bit. He will be sadly missed and my sincere condolences go to his family and close friends" - Geoff Davies

"RIP Stuart. Didn't see you much lately however always had a laugh when we grew up, especially when I saw you in that in that yellow van! Always heard you before we saw you!" - Paul

"First my deepest thoughts to the family and friends of Stuart. I've been travelling for the past nine years but the weekend before I left Cardiff in 2002 I witnessed what I still think is the best concert I've seen in live company and believe me I've seen the best over the years. Stuart's input and performance on J.E.E.P. couldn't have been replicated by anyone else at the time and brought something else to the stage as a drummer too. I take that DVD wherever I go around the west side of the world and expose the music of a great set of chaps with world stage talent - always on occasions my friends have something positive to say about the 'drummer'. He has already been missed by the band the past few years, that concert will always live in my memory and can only thank for such great memories and bringing joy and giving vitality to folk like me around the world!" You'll never be forgotten, R.I.P." - Tim Green

"Stuart's passing was a tragic, and Stereophonics haven't been the same since he left. He is a legend and inspiration to music. Rest In Peace Stuart, you'll be missed." - Rob Fettah

"I toured with Stuart for two years whilst working with The Sterephonics. He was a lovely bloke and ever eager to amuse. I would have to spend the show trying not to catch his eye, otherwise he would start an endless attempt to make me laugh. He could walk into a room of strangers, anywhere in the world, and within 30 minutes people would be laughing and joking along to the sound of his deep welsh voice. A gentleman and an all round good bloke. I will miss him." - Jon Burton

"It is thanks to Stuart Cable playing up to the camera from behind his kit that I became a fan of the 'phonics as a 14 year old.  12 years later, that music has been the soundtrack to much of my life.  What a truely great man, his influence and personality will be missed." - Ben Jackson

"Very few drummers are able to become a personality in their own right but to any Stereophonics fan, Stuart was just that, he  played the drums with such energy that you knew this was what he had always dreamt of. I have seen Stereophonics many times but my favourite was at a gig in Bristol, Stuart was the only one of the band members to come out to greet the queuing fans and sign autographs and talk to fans, he was the band's brightest personality. His presence has been missed in the Sterephonics for a long time but now his presence will be missed from the lives of everyone he ever met or inspired through his music. A very sad day." - Katie Ward

"Shocked and saddened to hear that such a wonderful musician has passed away. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time. Wales has lost a true legend. R.I.P. Stuart" - Sian Kedward-Jones

"My dad met Stuart a few years ago when he was at the local television studios. My dad and him got talking and kindly Stuart did some jingles for our local hospital radio. We have lost a Welsh musical legend and he will sadly missed by so many. Such a tragic event. Rest in peace." - Gareth Hurford

"Just wanted to leave my condolences, to a top drummer. I saw the 'Phonics in Wolverhampton in 1997 and 1999 in Swansea at the Morfa Stadium. As a drummer myself I admired the fact that he looked like he was having fun and loving the fact he himself was in a rock band. Bartender and the Thief I think was his finest performance, though many will have their favourite track that he played on. I listened to a few of his shows on Kerrang and liked his style as a presenter. All in all he sounded like he came across, as a thoroughly nice bloke. Music has lost a character and I for one will be raising a pint in his honour. My condolences once again to those who knew him." - Sterling Burke

"I was lucky enough to work with Stuart both behind the scenes and with him performing as a one off with The Watchmen and when I sang on his Show Cable TV with Damon Hill and the ConRods. Cable never failed to make me smile. He was a man who made people happy just by being happy himself. If he was in the room, everybody knew about it just by the way he made the ground shake with his amazing voice let alone his drumming. Performing with Stu at the HardRock was one of the proudest moments of my life - I will never forget his sense of humour, love of life and unceasing generosity with his time. I know that he will be performing top of the bill in heaven tonight with Bon Scott - there will be thunder in the sky tonight, but this planet has lost a 'real' performer in every sense of the word. Stu, the memory of you hitting the drums harder than anyone I have ever worked with will stay with me forever. It will take us all a long time to come to terms with you not being around any more. For those about to rock. We salute you/" - Aubrey Parsons, The Watchmen / Ex-Conrods

"Stuart Cable. Always had a smile, and was always laughing, a great guy, who will be so missed in the valley. Regularly seen riding his motorbike through the town, or popping into the local pubs, and always had time for a chat. Thoughts go out to his family. Gonna miss you Stu, what a legend." - Brodie Jaye

"Just read the very sad news about Stuart. I brought a few acts for Stuart to interview for his show, in fact he only interviewed Thunder for me last week. When I brought in Sharon Corr last year to BBC Wales, Sharon was so taken by Stuart that she invited him over to Ireland to play on her new album, which he did. What a sad loss to music and radio, Stuart was such a warm and lovely, lovely guy. He will be missed." - Neil Cossar, Absolute PR

"One word, LEGEND.  A very huge loss to the music industry, A massive loss to Wales. R.I.P. Stuart xxx." - Caroline Rees

"A sad day. Stuart was a solid foundation of the Stereophonics back in the day. He'll be missed but always remembered for simply being rock and roll. Rest in peace big man." - Ed Saxby

"I was very saddened when I heard about the death of Stuart Cable. The first two albums with the Stereophonics are among my favourite albums ever. Rest in peace, Stuart, and thanks for the music." - Ebbe Villadsen

"I'm very sad after hearing the news about Stuart. A great performer, the backbone of the 'phonics and the reason I, and i'm sure many others, started drumming. A sad loss, he will never be forgotten." - James Lund

"I am so sorry to hear about Stuart Cable's death and I feel for his family!" - Jeremy Anderton

"What a loss the music industry has lost today. Stuart was an amazing person, fantastic father and musican. I personally was fortunatue to have met him on several occassions, a sad day that will be remembered by all in Wales. My thoughts go out to Stuart and his loved ones, R.I.P." - Beth Lewis

"I've been a fan of the Stereophonics since they began and I'll always remember Stuart's smiling face, enthusiasm and energy. I was shocked and saddened to hear the news today. He was and always will be an inspiration to myself as a drummer, as I'm sure he is to many others. Rest in peace Stuart, you will be greatly missed." - Debbie Liggins

"Stuart's son shared a class with one of my daughters, so we met occasionally at school plays and such. He never seemed aloof or uncomfortable - people from the valley respected his privacy - but was just a mother's son and a father. Gifted, and occasionally appearing troubled, but an amazingly warm and gifted man. Our family are devastated, and our sympathies go out to his family." - Dr. Mike Reddy

"I'm heartbroken. I shall always remember him driving me on the back of his three wheel motorbike, down to Bath at break-neck speed and roaring with laughter! What a lovely bloke and my condolences to his family. RIP Stuart xx." - Sheelagh Jones
"The 'Phonics were the first band I followed religiously growing up at secondary school. Stuart Cable was a terrific drummer and seemed a genuinly nice, down to earth bloke. Sad news. RIP Stuart x." - Richard Kemp

"Goodbye Stuart. Thanks for the music. Because of it you will never be forgotten." - Gary Carey

"One of the best RIP." - Gordon Reid

"Stuart Cable was a helluva nice chap. In fact, he once did a tribute show for the 25th anniversary of Bon Scott's passing at my request. Afterwards, he and his very courteous assistant sent me his autograph and some great CD's from The Stereophonics, too. I'm truly saddened to hear of his loss. R.I.P. Stuart." - Jon Talisman

"One of the first bands that made me love music were Stereophonics, and the best music they made was with Stuart Cable on drums. I only wish I got to see them whilst Stuart was still in the band. RIP Stuart, you are the best drummer of our time." - Tamsin Porter

"I'm really sorry to hear about Stuart Cable. He was a wonderful man, I saw him perform with The Stereophonics in Toronto and London, Ontario years ago. I live in Michigan. We met him also and he posed both with my young daughter and many fans of the band. The Northern American Stereophonics fans' heart goes out to Stuart Cable and his family." - Cindy Gomez

"Rest in piece Stuart Cable, what a guy. It was an honour to meet you a couple of years ago in Birmingham, such a kind man. I've had to rattle through the Stereophonics back catalogue in honour today, and wear my t-shirt.  All in pride and respect. Condolences go out to family, friends and the band and everyone associated. Such a shame to lose such a talent musician. Your autograph has sat on my bedroom wall since that day in Birmingham. Thank you, and rest in piece." - Jack Fowles

"I saw the Stereophonics at Leeds Town and Country Bar on their Performance and Cocktails tour. Word Gets Around is still one of my top three albums of all time and shaped me as a teenager. Stuart Cable was the focal point of the band in my eyes. His energy and showmanship were electric and his performance when I saw him has stayed with me as I had never seen a drummer lead a band in such a way. My thoughts and wishes go out to his family and son." - Paul Jibson

"What can I say that has not already been said? Stuart and I met in 2003 when I was still living in Wales, and what a meeting it was! I was out shopping with my two eldest daughters at the time (who were aged three & four) and I accidently ran into the back of Stuart's ankles. I have never said sorry so much in my life to one person, then it clicked who he was. We had a chat and he was pulling faces at my kids and making them laugh. I met up with him a few times after. He was a bubbly, kind and considerate guy who was constantly happy each time I saw him. He will most definatly be sadly missed, and my condolences go out to his family and friends. R.I.P friend." - Miki Gabrielli-Murphy

"Rest in Peace Stuart - Wales and music has lost its biggest star. I'm completely heartbroken and life will never be the same again without him." - Vicki Newton

"I met Stuart through being a involved with Aberaman Motorcycle club and the races at Aberdare Park and Stuart always attended the races at the park when he could. He will be sadly missed by all for being an honest Welshman who loved life, music and motorbikes." - Aled Lloyd

"What a great drummer, personality/presenter and (previous) member of one of the greatest rock n' roll bands. Sadly missed." - Alun Hamer

"I only met Stuart through Facebook, but he always took the time to answer any messages I sent him. He was a lovely, kind and down to earth guy. I'm extremely saddened by the news. Such a great loss." - Jacquie Wood

"I can't believe the news today, oh boy... the voice of Lennon in my head singing those words as I sit down and look at the sad fact that Stuart will no longer be doing what he does best, playing and talking about great rock music. Wales is a colder place to be today. He was an amazing drummer, a great chap and a Welsh Music Legend." - JJ Haggar

"Shocking; can't belive it, deepest sympathies go to Stuart's family and friends. There's only one Stuart and my eyes one drummer. Morfa Stadium - you were rocking, and you put the rock in Stereophonics." - Vincent Chapman

"I knew Stuart Cable through my sister Jo Godfrey at kerrang radio.what a lovely guy he was, I'm really gutted by his death,such a tragedy, he was an inspiration!" - Steve Godfrey

"Such an inspiration to me and countless others, you will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace Stu." - Gavin Davies

"Another great loss to the welsh music industry RIP." - Kim Parker

"I Just wanted to say that Stuart Cable had touched my life and will always be remembered! I'm a Stereophonics Fan in Sydney Australia and had the pleasure of meeting him back stage at one of his shows. He was so cheeky and lots of fun that he made everyone around him smile and that's how I have always thought of him and always will!" - Melanie Derome

"Extremely sad day. And night. And many more to come. I'll miss seeing this fella's face and his wit, his skill behind a kit, his humour and his all round good deeds. Stuart Cable was one of the good guys. Rest in peace, fella. We will be thinking of you." - R

"Stuart you were the only DJ me and my wife Brenda listened to every week without fail on the internet. You'll be missed by us. RIP lad." - Brenda and Trevor

"My sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Mr Cable. He was talented, popular, hugely charismatic and whenever I saw him out in Cardiff, he was always smiling and had others laughing with him. Local Boy in the Photograph will be a hard song to listen to from now on. R.I.P. Stuart x" - Matthew Davies

"RIP Stuart, you were brilliant entertainment on stage x." - Clare Johnson

"I worked with Stuart during his time at Kerrang Radio, I know he'll always be remembered as the drummer for the 'Phonics, but as a guy who could communicate his passion for music on the airwaves, he was second to none. You will see it many times, he was larger than life and one of the genuine good guys. I will miss his loudness and his laughter. Our thoughts are for his family." - Gordon Davidson

"I met him three times, once with my wife, once with my son and once on my own. He always had time for you, never said I'm too busy. He was an excellent drummer, a huge personality, and a great Welshman. No one can fill the gap he has left behind. I was listening to him on Saturday night. I still can't believe he has gone. He loved rock and rock loved him. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. RIP Stuart, The Local Boy In The Photograph." Richard, Steph and Spender Lewis

"I got a call from my wife at 10am to say she was shocked but had heard that Stuart had died. We both knew Stuart from the Stereophonics days. I couldn't believe it. Less than two months ago we supported his band Killing For Company in Reading at what was our first proper gig. We had a great time and he was so professional. The soundcheck over-ran, massively. Stuart made no issues of it and offered to share his kit with our drummer. A true gentleman, no ego just total professionalism. It was great for me to catch up finally with him. We'd spoken via email when he started KFC a few years earlier and I was living in the States. When we finally caught up, I hadn't seen him for nine years. We'd first met each other on the UK and European leg of the Performance And Cocktails tour. I was traveling with the support band The Crocketts and had just picked up glandular fever. I would do the Crocketts gig, then crash out in my bunk on the tourbus for the first several nights. When I got my strength back, I went out with the lads, especially on our days off in Strasbourg and Amsterdam. I immediately warmed to Stuart, the life and soul of the party, but also just a genuine fella. It was hilarious hearing the banter between him and his drum tech Swampy who he used to call 'Fatty'. I remember the night Swampy got too close to Stuart while he was playing in Gronnigen. Stuart cracked him on the back with a drum stick like hitting a cymbal. We both played in a band, (formed from many musicians), at the wedding for the Stereophonics' bassist Richard Jones. It is such a shame he's gone as his band was really good and I believe destined for much bigger things. I'll miss him but am very honored to have shared the stage with him. RIP Stu." - Boz

"I have not seen him play with Stereophonics but having heard him talking on the radio I was entranced by his wonderful voice and mellow well rounded Welsh accent. He would have made a brilliant embassador for Wales on the radio just by his voice alone." - Bella

"On Monday I had the radio on in the background, then my ears pricked up when I heard the words 'breaking news' - after which the sad news about Stuart was announced. I was in total shock. The news didn't really hit me until I went on to Stereophonics official website last night and saw the lovely picture of Stuart that the boys had put on there as a tribute to him. I can remember the faces he used pull at the camera if it caught him - the big wide eyes and silly grin. It would make me laugh. I am a fan of Stereophonics and was sad when he left, It's good that he got the chance to use his talents as a drummer in other bands. I never got the chance to see him perform live but have video clips of the Stereos when Stuart was with them. He will be missed by all his fans and the people who knew and loved him. All my love to his family and friends." - Chloe Wright

"It is so sad to hear about the loss of Stuart. His music was the soundtrack to my teens, and in 1999 the Stereophonics were the first band I ever went to see; it will forever be my most memorable gig. I can vividly recall how full of energy he was, and his enthusiasm and personality was infectious. I only had the pleasure of meeting him once when he popped into a sports shop I was working in to buy a golf club. I got to serve him, and although I was probably a star-struck teenage wreck, he remained the perfect gentleman. Friendly, polite and down to earth. He will be sorely missed, RIP Stuart x." - Natalie McLaren

"Had the pleasure of meeting you a few times Stuart. Rest In peace mate. You will be sadly missed." - Rhys Pearce

"I was shocked to hear the sad news that Stuart Cable had died in the early hours of yesterday morning. As a Stereophonics fan since 1997 and having met Stuart at several gigs it's extremely sad to hear of his untimely death. He always gave time to meet with fans and have a chat.As I write this I can hear Stereophonics play on the radio and it brings joy to hear them and reminds me of an exciting time in UK rock. Let's raise a glass to Stuart as one of the last big timers and I bet he will be no doubt be trying to arrange a jam session with John Bonham and Keith Moon as we speak." - Richard Houghton

"I saw Stuart Cable perform at the Eisteddfod in Swansea 2006. He was there as a guest of Dewi 'Pws' Morris and met with a huge cheer of audience approval. This was well before he paired up again with Dewi Pws to do the Big Welsh Challenge. And what a double act they were! That evening was typical of Stuart - to be so giving of his time and blend in without taking the limelight. His warm, sunny personality (and big hair) will sorely be missed. There is a huge gap left in Wales which will be difficult to fill. Broadcasting and music has lost a lively and entertaining person. My thoughts go out to his family and friends and the community of Cwmaman. I am shocked by his untimely death." - T Jones

"Really cant believe it RIP Stuart what a legend you will be missed x." - Louise Jones

"I'm so, so very sad to hear of the sad loss of Stuart Cable. Whenever I heared Stuart on Kerrang radio that booming Welsh voice would take me back to the best summers I spent in south Wales. Sleep well Stuart." - Anna Mason

"The last time I spoke to Stuart was at a Motorhead gig in Cardiff - he always had time to have a chat and was one of the most upbeat characters I've met. As has been said already - a wonderful, larger than life bloke that will be sorely missed. A truly great friend. Our best wishes to his family and friends." - Mike Markey and Nick Jones

"Shocking news about Stuart's sudden death at far too young an age. I met the 'Phonics backstage a few years ago when they played here in Vancouver and they were just regular Valleys lads made good. Hard to believe you left us so soon Stuart. Thanks for all the memories. RIP." - Brian Jones

"Just wanted to say how sad a day for Wales this is. Stuart Cable stuck to his roots even though he'd achieved his dreams and probably had the chance to leave us behind as so much of our talent does, so hats off for that. Stereophonics was the first big gig I saw and was an inspiration for me to stick at guitar and form my own band which, years later, Stuart judged as part of a BBC competition in Carmarthen. It's great to meet someone you look up to and even better to find out that they're down to earth. My heart goes out to his family and friends and I hope these messages will show how well respected and loved he was." - Gareth Ziggy

"I just want to leave a short tribute to Stuart Cable, an amazing drummer and all round nice guy. I was only 12 when I first began listening to the 'Phonics, mainly from the influence of my dad. When I started to get into them, I joined the stereophonics chat room and message board on their website, and met some great friends who I am still in touch with and see to this day. The Stereophonics compelled me to listen to all types of rock and indie music, and become as passionate about it as I am today. I went to my first gig with friends I had met through their chat room, and my second gig ever was seeing the boys. I'll always remember spying them through a window that day at LCCC, running up to them and waving frantically almost like I was participating in Beatles mania! Without the Stereophonics and their music, I wouldn't be the person I am today and they have influenced my life to no end. They were never the same without Stuart, I was devastated when he left the band and I'm devastated to hear this news. R.I.P legend, I wish I could have met you." - Faye Cruickshank

"I had the good fortune to swing the lantern with Stuart on a few occasions. Wales and the world has lost a genuine character. The light that shines twice as bright burns half as long, and Stuart shone very, very brightly. RIP Stuart, bust some sticks with Bonzo and Mooney in rock'n'roll heaven." - Dave


  • Comment number 1.

    Wales has lost a ledgend today. Goodnight Stuart,RIP

  • Comment number 2.

    I've just posted a tribute on my Facebook page to Stuart. Though I never knew him and lost interest in the Stereophonics after he left, whenever I caught him on the TV he always brought a smile to my face. A true legend of the drums, Stuart, you will now forever be the local boy in the photograph. Rest in peace, boyo.

  • Comment number 3.

    This is shocking. There was just no hint that he would die so young. He was full of life. I'll remember his really deep voice and Welsh accent. He rocked.

  • Comment number 4.

    Very sad to hear the news. It reminds me of the day that I found out Jon Lee from Feeder had died. Stuart was at Jon's funeral, so it is a little surreal. It will be a very hard day for Stereophonics fans.

    I was never a massive phonics fan, but they were far better with him in the band. Word Gets Around holds many memories of my teens.

  • Comment number 5.

    What dreadful news. I had the good fortune to meet Stuart at a soundcheck once, back in the early days of the 'phonics. He was a really, really pleasant chap & in all those early shows I saw he was (& still is) the most entertaining drummer I've ever seen. A tragic loss.

  • Comment number 6.

    Words fail...he did so much for everyone and local music groups, he was a passionate welsh man and a fine gentleman indeed. A true Welsh legend.. We'll miss you Stu... Thoughts must go to family, friends, and the KFC lads..sad times indeed RIP we salute you!!
    Luke Lockyer

  • Comment number 7.

    Very sad news. This is devastating for Welsh Music. He will be missed by all who heard him play.

  • Comment number 8.

    What sad news. Stuart came across as a lovely bloke. I remember seeing him having a great time at a Deep Purple concert in Cardiff a few years ago, he was just one of the crowd having a great time. A great loss to Welsh music, RIP Stuart. Sian Baker

  • Comment number 9.

    From Sandra George
    You can take the boy out of Cwmaman but you can't take Cwmaman out of the boy THANK GOD! Heaven is now gonna rock. Rest In Peace Stuart, our love and prayers are with you and your family.

    From Francis George
    Rest In Peace Stuart. Wales has lost a prince.

  • Comment number 10.

    I met Stuart a few years ago whilst out with my children at the local leisure centre. My son was completely star struck when he signed his birthday card and wished him a Happy Birthday, couldn't have asked for a nicer bloke. My thoughts are with his family

  • Comment number 11.

    So saddened by this news. Great drummer and someone you got the feeling would always be fun to be around.

  • Comment number 12.

    so sad what a great lad i met him at my brothers engagement party a few years back he was always laughing i remember him having agreat time with us all , its such a shame ,i feel for is family right now ,RIP. STUART

  • Comment number 13.

    This kind, gorgeous man Stuart Cable had kindly messaged a friend on Friday afternoon and told her that he was donating a pair of signed drum sticks to be auctioned at Holly's Ball 2011, which is a charity event to raise Autism Awareness in Wales. Sadly,we will never receive the drumsticks but I wanted to show how kind, generous and helpful this legend was. Please could you forward this on to his family. He was such a gentleman.

  • Comment number 14.

    Devastating news. Stuart was a top bloke and an awesome drummer. His passing will leave a huge gap in music. RIP dude !

  • Comment number 15.

    I'm absolutely shocked and gutted to hear this terrible news. I'll always remember seeing him own the drums when I saw Stereophonics for the first time. Peaceful thoughts go to his family and friends. The world has lost a legendary drummer and a fantastic human being. Rest in peace Stuart, you will be greatly missed.

  • Comment number 16.

    A great tragedy RIP Stuart.

  • Comment number 17.

    I can't believe this- what a profound loss.

    This gentleman was a Welsh icon, and a massive personality- it's blatantly obvious that this man was loved by pretty much everyone who met him.

    If I'm shocked, bearing in mind I didn't even meet the man, I can't imagine what his friends and family must be feeling now.

    Rest in peace, Mr. Cable.

  • Comment number 18.

    I had the chance to meet Stuart once at a midnight signing at Virgin Megastores in Cardiff when the Stereophonics released Performance and Cocktails he was so friendly and give me and my friends a hug as we'd been standing in the cold for hours he was a true gentleman and such a character. I'm glad I have that memory of him such a genuine guy.

    The valleys are in mourning today a true welsh legend and rock god has been snatched from us.

    My thoughts are with his family.

    A light shining up in heaven for ever more

    RIP Stuart xx

  • Comment number 19.

    Stuart never forgot his roots as he was a Aberdare boy and lived in Aberdare not like Kelly Jones wko thinks he is above the people in the Valleys he must remember if you foget where you came from you are a Nobody.

  • Comment number 20.

    RIP Stuart, I really enjoyed the 'Cable Connects' programmes with Katherine and Max.

  • Comment number 21.

    sad to hear the news about Stewart,please could pass on my thoughts to his family he will be missed by all in the valleys god bless them all.

  • Comment number 22.

    That booming voice, mad grin and endless generosity. Bizarrely I have ended up celebrating several of my wedding anniversaries with Stu (& my hubby obviously) laughing and drinking until the wee small hours. I'll never forget my own rock star moment when he saluted me half way through a Stereophonics concert at the MEN... and he still owes me a fiver for the ciggie machine at the after show party! Too, too sad. A legend, who always had time for his old mates in Aberdare. A one-off and funny as billyo. So many memories - always with a soundtrack of a booming welsh voice and lots of laughter!! Bye bye 'butt' xxx Wes & Rich Donnelly, Cheshire

  • Comment number 23.

    There isn't anything on the Stereophonics website apart from a happy-looking Stuart in the passenger seat of a car. I don't know the full reason for the sacking of Stuart in 2003, but he will be sadly missed.

    Unlike a few on this page, I will always continue to buy Stereophonics albums, but I have to agree that they will never top Word Gets Around or Performance and Cocktails - surely one of the best "difficult second albums" there is.

    RIP Stuart.

  • Comment number 24.

    My father Fred Gough was a hard man to please, especially musically. When the Stereos were praticising in the Canolfan building by Glynhafod Bus Terminus just before their fame my Dad would say " I've heard better sound coming from Brown's Pit Screens", but he would also say "Arthur Cable's Boy - he is friendly and respectful and he always asks Mr Gough - how are you today?". Mt father never gave compliments easy - enough said!!!!

  • Comment number 25.

    Don't know much about his music and his business. But, what I did know about him I liked!
    C Bennett.

  • Comment number 26.

    R.I.P. Stuart Cable. Stuart wrote a letter to my son when he was off school with the flu, he was a true gent, he was my sons idle and we put the letter up on the fridge.The Stereophonics were and still are the greatest band ever and most underrated band in the world. This is a very sad day for Wales. Philip Jacobs Rogerstone.

  • Comment number 27.

    Stuart Cable was a total legend. His Radio Wales rock show was stunning. Such a tragedy that he has left us. His voice was rich and almost as powerful as his drumming. Can't really believe it, but so wonderful to have heard all the warm comments and remembrances on Monday's Radio Wales programmes.
    Deepest sympathy to his mam, his little boy, his partner and all those friends and family who loved him. RIP Stu

  • Comment number 28.

    The last time I spoke to Stuart was at a Motorhead gig - he always had time to have a chat and was one of the most upbeat characters I've met. As has been said already - a wonderful, larger than life bloke that will be sorely missed.

    A truly great friend

    Our best wishes to his family.
    Mike Markey & Nick Jones

  • Comment number 29.

    Stuart was a true legend and made Wales proud. Unlike others he remained in the Aberdare Valleys, a place where he grew up and where it all started. He was such a friendly guy and you always knew when he was in the room, you would hear him before seeing him.
    Deepest sympathy to his mother, his little boy, his partner and all those friends and family who loved him.
    RIP Stuart.
    You will be sadly missed by ALL x

  • Comment number 30.

    I grew up on the original sound of the Phonics with Stuart on the drums. I was going to try and get to see his new band this year......I'm absolutely gutted, he was an awesome drummer and loved what he brought to the Phonics. Reading all the tributes above show what an amazing guy he was and he will be massively missed by all who knew him and his music. RIP stuart, may you live on through these memories and your music.


  • Comment number 31.

    Never met Stuart but was in deep shock yesterday kept checking the news item on the net to make sure I had read it properly.The music will never die, and that huge grin will live on in everyone's memory. Keep rocking Stuart wherever you are, Wales has lost one of it's finest.

  • Comment number 32.

    To a local hero, a much loved celebrity and a wonderfully talented musician.

    You gave so much hope to these valleys. You stayed true to your roots and rocked our world! There was not a dry eye amongst these hills when we heard the news.

    May Angels Lead You In, Boy Bach.

    Nos Da xxx

  • Comment number 33.

    Having never met stuart before I was daunted approaching one of my idols in Cwmbran shopping centre, 9 years ago, when I picked up the confidence to do so he was amazing and picked my younger brother up and posed for a picture with us. I met him then 8 years on when he selflessly appeared in a youth project as a guest speaker. I had the pleasure to meet this great Welsh idol. I just feel downhearted for the millions that never will. You will never be forgotten around the torfaen area!!! RIP

  • Comment number 34.

    I first saw the Stereophonics at the Brixton Academy just as they were hitting the big time and it was a great time for Welsh music.

    I saw them again at the now legendary Morfa stadium gig - a really special day/night and remember Stuart's maniacal grin constantly popping up on the big screen ;)

    He was definitely 'THE personality' in the band.

    I met him a couple of times after that - at the Pop Factory and in the rabbit warrens of BBC Wales and he was always a really friendly, genuine guy. A real shame that he's no longer with us.

  • Comment number 35.

    Felt very sad since I heard of Stuart's untimely passing- tears have been shed. I loved hearing his voice on the radio, his welsh lanaguage learning adventures, his passion for music, his drumming on some of my favourite songs. Stereophonics were and are a lesser, less characterful force without him - I remember signing the 'Reconnect Our Cable!' petition online - & I've not cared much for them since. Hearing, and hearing about Stuart always put a smile on my face. He was a good man. A light has gone out in the valleys.


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