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Adam Walton playlist and show info: Sunday 22 November 2009

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Adam Walton Adam Walton | 10:24 UK time, Tuesday, 24 November 2009

This week's show features:

Serrated noise from Newport's Science Bastard recorded last month at Swn Festival. Theirs is a music of intelligent rage, not just primal catharsis. It's cleverer than a fieldful of hardcore foxes. You can hum some bits of it. Great, in other words.

You can see the whole show playlist, and listen again for the next seven days.

Elsewhere we have the aching sweet melodiousness of Pembrokeshire's Paper Aeroplanes. They're not the first band to marry crafted and atmospheric (mostly) acoustic arrangements with tunes that sound like sunrises in the soul. But few have done it as well. This is quite the most beautiful album I have heard this year. Well this and the Ersatz album - and they contribute here, too. Sarah from Paper Aeroplanes talks to us about the album and we get to hear many of its wonders.

Adam and Louise are half of Cardiff's Victorian English Gentlemens Club. They're the yin and yang of the band. Adam brings a considered aesthetic, Louise twists it into something darker. End result = an album (Love On An Oil Rig - This Is Fake DIY Records) that is as sharp, textured and beguiling as broken glass on the floor of the Tate Modern. This week they share their Musical DNA with us and play some great music.

Huw Pooh pulls some mohobishopi - or is that Mo-ho-bish-o-pi? - off the shelf to remind us of their idiosyncratic art pop.

Soundhog waxes on about The Dakotas - Manchester's trump card in the Battle of the Beat Bands.

This coming Sunday night is my first, monthly wall-to-wall music night. Three hours of new Welsh music with the minimal amount of interruption from people talking.

The idea is to play as much great Welsh music as possible.

If you have some - especially if you've never been played before - please send your best song as a high quality .mp3 to themysterytour@gmail.com with a short biography and a contact number.

Thank you / Diolch yn fawr iawn.


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