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Mady Gerrard: holocaust survivor

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BBC Wales History BBC Wales History | 15:20 UK time, Friday, 20 January 2012

As National Holocaust Memorial Day approaches on Friday 27 January 2012, BBC Wales continues One Of Hitler's Mistakes, its compelling two-part documentary on the incredible life of Mady Gerrard.

An award-winning fashion designer to the rich and famous, including stars such as Shirley Bassey and Susan Hampshire, Mady Gerrard is also a survivor of the infamous concentration camps of Auschwitz and Belsen.

Now 81-years-old and living just outside of Chepstow, Mady recounts her experiences as a teenage Jew in Hungary during World War Two, and of the horrors she witnessed in the concentration camps.

WalesOnline has an in-depth interview with Mady in which she describes in detail her experiences in Auschwitz and Belsen. Children under 14 were gassed but Mady's age - 14 when she arrived - meant that she was not sent to the gas chamber. Instead she was "selected" by Dr Josef Mengele.

Mady witnessed acts of sheer barbarism and cruelty and was unfortunate to cross paths with infamous German officer Irma Gress at both camps.

You can listen to Mady's incredible tale of survival as she describes how she eventually met her liberator, former SAS officer John Randall in the second part of the Radio Wales documentary which goes out this Sunday (22 January 2012 ).

One Of Hitler's Mistakes can be heard of BBC Radio Wales on Sunday 22 January at 5.30pm on BBC Radio Wales.

There are just four days left to listen to the first episode of the documentary on the BBC iPlayer.


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