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dots.film band - animation, action and art in Cardigan

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Polly March Polly March | 10:36 UK time, Tuesday, 15 November 2011

In the days of early cinema, silent films were usually accompanied by live music acts, to bring a bit of drama into the auditorium and help with those vital emotional clues perhaps not made obvious by the showreel.

Often picture houses had their own pianist, with some even employing organists and orchestras to create special effects and create an atmosphere.

This hallowed tradition is to be reinvigorated at a night of film and music appreciation at the Small World Theatre in Cardigan on 20 November.

The dots.film band from Cardiff will be tailoring live soundtracks to an array of six short animated and action films being shown at the theatre.

The idea is to showcase the work of emerging Welsh film-makers from south Wales and the Newport Film School, while giving dots.film a platform on which to perform.

The films on show include work by Virginia Head, Rhiannon Evans, Ewan Jones Morris and Joel Calvert within the genres of live-action, animation, silent film and new media film making.

Still taken from Rhiannon Evans' stop-motion animation Heartstrings. Image courtesy of the artist

Still taken from Rhiannon Evans' stop-motion animation Heartstrings. Image courtesy of the artist

The band consists of Timothy Tate, Paul Jones and Tina Hitchens and they will be dabbling in experimental, pop, electronic and classical influences using acoustic instruments and items they have found and converted for musical purposes.

They are fresh from showcasing their music at the recent Swn Festival, The Trailerpark Film Festival, which described them as "stunning and extremely skilled" and the National Experimentica Festival.

Sŵn Festival director John Rostron was fairly complimentary about them recently: "As far as I know there aren't any groups in the UK working the way dots. do with contemporary film and music.

"They do whatever it takes to get the right approach for each film by the sheer variety and scope of their music; guitars, synths, flutes, effects... even a bicycle!

"There's a real sense of occasion with dots; they've ripped up the textbook for what you can do with a live film and a soundtrack!"

The band will also be hosting a workshop for those keen to see how live soundtracking works and try their hand at it. This takes place prior to the evening show and will be at between 4-6pm on 20 November. Small groups will get a chance to compose and perform a piece of music in response to a particular short film. Those interested in participating are encouraged to bring their own instrument. Workshop costs £5 per person.

The audience for the evening performance is invited to arrive early at 6.30pm to enjoy tapas and live music ahead of the show, which starts at 7.30pm.

Detail from a poster for dots.film band

Detail from a poster for dots.film band

You can book tickets ahead by calling Span Arts on 01834 869323 or Small World Theatre on 01239 615952. Or book online at www.span-arts.org.uk or www.whatevertheweatherwales.co.uk.

Tickets are £8/£6 (Span Arts Members and under 21s). To listen to some of the band's music visit www.myspace.com/dotsfilmband.


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