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Cappuccino Girls at Swansea's Grand Theatre

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Nicola Heywood Thomas Nicola Heywood Thomas | 18:06 UK time, Friday, 20 November 2009

The multi-talented Mal Pope's new musical is at the Grand Theatre in Swansea next week. Cappuccino Girls is being billed as a mixture of Friends and Sex & the City though Mal says it's based on his wife and two of her mates who meet for coffee and putting the world to right chats.

In fact the show has many connections with Mal's home town of Swansea. Obviously it's in the theatre there but also the fantastic Bonnie Tyler sings the theme song. She's not in the show itself though the track will be available as a single.

No musical is complete without dance routines and there's already a Cappuccino Girls dance video. I've watched it on You Tube and there are 160 dancers, including Shaheen, the 12 year old from Swansea who sang at Michael Jackson's memorial service. And - did I mention? - all that happened in Castle Square.

The show boasts a score by Mal so will be jam packed full of memorable tunes; it's got a strong cast and production team and is a lovely story of friendship between three women who initially seem very different.

I shan't be able to get to the Swansea performances but look forward to seeing Cappuccino Girls at The Gate in Cardiff from December1st. I'm especially keen as Mal told me yesterday that one line in the show is a direct quote of something I said years ago about someone we both knew. It wasn't a flattering comment so if you go to the show, see if you can spot it! Mal assures me it still gets a laugh anyway.


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