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Live Longer Wales - a social action season

Adrian Davies

Head of English Language Programmes and Services, BBC Cymru Wales

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Our waistlines are bulging often with alarming consequences. Over half the population of Wales is now classed as overweight with about a quarter in the obese category.

The results of this weight gain are increasing levels of ill health in the population at large with a heightened risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure among the unwelcome medical conditions we suffer.

And there are other consequences too like the problems of impaired mobility or the yo-yo dieting that can follow on from the crippling feeling of having a supposed inadequate body-image.

Live Longer Wales is a social action season in which we try and get at the causes of this weight-gain phenomenon and take a constructive, non-finger-wagging look at what might be done.

Live Longer Wales season trail

Across radio and television, in Welsh and in English, a host of programmes from our big strands including Wales Today and Good Morning Wales join up with specially commissioned content to take a forensic look at the problem and provide us with more than a few tips as to what solutions might work. There is also a survey that gauges the attitude of the Welsh people on all the main talking points.

And our Interactive and Learning team will be providing back-up information online, from what exercise you should take weekly to how to rustle up a quick, healthy meal instead of a greasy takeaway.

Is it simply a question of getting off your backside, being more active and eating less or is it more complicated than that?

Live Longer Wales is a new season of programmes from BBC Cymru Wales throughout October on TV, radio and online.

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