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Connie Fisher: Why Do We Wear Make-up?

Connie Fisher

As a stage actress, I am so used to wearing a full face of make-up that I never go out the door without putting my face on. But recently I’ve been wondering - why do I do it, and who am I really wearing it for?

We found some really interesting stats that say the average woman spends two years of her life putting on an estimated £12,000-worth of cosmetics!

This is my personal exploration into why women wear make-up - what it means and symbolises, and the different faces that we put on each day to represent ourselves, which form part of our identity.

One of the most interesting things for me was when I spoke to a cancer charity, they gave me an insight into how make-up can help patients undergoing treatment for cancer. When women lose their hair through chemotherapy, as superficial as it may seem, putting on their make-up helps them retain a sense of identity. Speaking to three ladies currently undergoing treatment helped me to appreciate that, to some, make-up is so much more than skin deep.

I also interviewed beauty columnist Sali Hughes, who talks about “putting on a brave face”, how make-up is a shield, almost a woman’s armour. Sali tests beauty products every week and it’s her job to write an honest review about them, so I wanted an honest answer - do they really make you look younger? According to psychologists, the reason we wear it is to give the appearance of youth, to appear ‘fertile’ to the opposite sex. I hit the high street in Swansea to see what Welsh women really think - are we wearing it to make ourselves look younger, to attract a mate, or are we wearing it to feel better about ourselves?

In the programme, Connie interviews beauty columnist Sali Hughes about why we wear make-up

In a nutshell, this programme is me taking off my stage face for a moment and exploring whether make-up can actually make us more successful in life and love, and if there’s more significance to the ‘slap’ than there appears to be on the face of it.

Watch Connie Fisher on Make-up on Wednesday, March 30, 10.40pm BBC One Wales

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