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  1. Saying goodbye to Ukraine, Gary Numan and 2011

    Well I'm home from Ukraine and straight into my home studio. How on earth is it colder here than in Kiev? I'm re-mixing a track for the band and good friends Fear Factory. They are releasing a new album next year and are using this remix as a bonus track. They're great guys and an amazing band; ...

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  2. Ukraine: early starts, language barriers and indescribable food

    Well it's 5am and the boys have just turned up, so off to Luton Airport we go. We had some issues last night with the promoter having only booked four items of holding luggage and not even asking us how much gear we are bringing with us - crazy! Poster for Jayce Lewis' concert in Kiev W...

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  3. Southampton, 12 December

    Jayce Lewis is keeping a tour diary as he joins Gary Numan on tour in the UK, Russia and Ukraine. Well, here I am on my day off in Southampton. I played what I think is the best UK show so far at the Southampton Guildhall last night. It's a huge venue with a sound system to match, and it made...

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  4. 8 December, Manchester: on the bus

    Here's part one of Jayce Lewis's tour diary as he joins Gary Numan in the UK, Russia and Ukraine. Well, here we are on to on tour with Mr Numan and co! The tour bus picked us up at 9am yesterday and, as always, it was a right nightmare to get a double decker to fit down my street, but it keep...

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