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  1. Obesity: Why we should care

    With obesity becoming a growing problem in Wales, more so than anywhere else in Britain, Week In Week Out asks why we should care, and whether a response based on a stereotype - that it is all the fault of the obese person - is no response at all.

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  2. WIWO: The Journey to Jihad

    How does one begin to rationalise the problem? Three young men grow up in a city that is known for moderation and tolerance and yet seem all too willing to answer a call for Holy war in a land far away.

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  3. Week In Week Out: Making waves in Cardiff Bay

    In the eyes of the world's media every country has a 'story'. It can be an event, an individual or an issue that will attract the main focus of the moment. Revolution in the Ukraine, a military coup in Thailand, kidnapped school girls in Nigeria or the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Clos...

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  4. Week In Week Out: No one wants to sit in the dark

    We're back. For almost five decades, (we celebrate our 50th later this year), Week In Week Out, has been asking awkward questions, shining a light into dark corners and, depending on who you are, generally making a nuisance of itself. For those people we are – on the menu of BBC Wales programm...

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