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On our programme today...

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Louisa Compton | 15:30 UK time, Friday, 17 April 2009

Derek Conway, Caroline Spelman, Jacqui Smith, Tony McNulty: just some of the politicians who've been embroiled in scandal about their expenses or second home allowance.

Victoria's back next week and on Monday we'll be broadcasting the programme from an MPs second home. Labour MP John Mann's agreed to open up his doors to us.

ob_38083349_mann_john_407.jpgHis main home is in his constituency in Bassetlaw, but he spends 3 nights a week in his second home - a flat he rents in Waterloo. Victoria will get to rummage through his expenses and find out just how much of your money funds MPs second homes.

Of course, this week's been dominated by the row over smear emails sent from Downing Street. Judging by your calls, emails and texts the story's just confirmed many of your perceptions about politicians, sleaze and corruption. So just what can politicians do to get us to trust them?


And, because it's Monday, John Mann will be taking part in our music review. DJ Semtex and Peter Robinson from popjustice will cuddle up next to him on his sofa to review the following:

Fightstar album Be Human

Eminem's single We Made You

Tinchy Stryder ft. N-Dubz single Number 1

Kleerup ft Titiyo single Longing for Lullabies.

UPDATE 20 April

Here's John on the sofa with Victoria


And explaining one of his expenses claims


Inside John's bathroom and bedroom


The fridge at John's second home and the flowers he was sent by someone who slept in his room while he wasn't there


(Left to right) Shane Greer, John Pienaar, Sue Cochrane, John Mann, Victoria Derbyshire discuss MPs expenses and trust in them



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