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  1. Operation Cloud Lab: Secrets Of The Skies

    Felicity Aston


    'Clouds are about as far from the popular image of light and fluffy floating puffs of cotton wool as you can get' Meterologist Felicity Aston on flying through clouds for BBC Two's two-part documentary.

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  2. Bang Goes The Theory's human-powered plane experiment: The results

    Jem Stansfield


    When invisible forces suddenly pluck you off the ground it's a massive shock, even if you've just spent weeks trying to make it happen. And up until that moment I was far more worried about dealing with the consequences of failure than those of success. But as I started to get a good vie...

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  3. At the mercy of The Great British Weather

    Tomasz Schafernaker

    Do cows really lie down on the ground before it rains? Does a farmer in Cumbria really rely on a red sky at night? I'm the specialist meteorological reporter on BBC One's The Great British Weather, where we put weather folklore like this to the test and demystify some of the science behind el...

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