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  1. Spiral: Showrunner Anne Landois answers your questions

    Anne Landois


    Spiral: Showrunner Anne Landois answers your questions

    Showrunner and writer Anne Landois took part in a live Q&A after the final episode of series five.

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  2. The Apprentice: Four cringey lessons in business

    Matt Hewitt

    BBC TV Blog

    As Lord Sugar's hunt for the next big thing in business enters its tenth series, we look back on moments from previous years that best showcase the candidates' unique abilities.

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  3. Bad Education: I'm not leaving Mitchell behind

    Charlie Wernham


    'I’ll always be as rude and immature as Mitchell' Playing the class clown for the last time in the third series of Jack Whitehall's classroom comedy.

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  4. The Great British Bake Off: The rocky road to the quarter-finals

    Tessa Delaunay-Martin

    TV blog

    Can't keep track of all the bakes? Take a look back at the signatures, technicals and showstoppers that have earned the final five a place at the quarter-finals.

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  5. 21 Up New Generation: It's like my extended family

    Melanie Archer

    Series Producer

    'He introduced me to one of his best mates as his "second mum."' How filming every seven years for BBC One's documentary series builds long-term relationships with contributors.

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  6. Talk To The Animals: Witnessing a chimp apology

    Lucy Cooke


    'The privilege of observing their intimate conversations was more profound and moving than I could ever have imagined.' Presenter Lucy Cooke on fulfilling a childhood dream while making BBC One's two-part natural history series.

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  7. The Honourable Woman: Dramatic blood-soaked scenes

    Ed Smith

    Special Effects Supervisor

    'Tests were carried out on SFX technicians who are used to being guinea pigs for all sorts of tests that might include bullet hits... or having a lit light bulb smashed in the face.' Filming special effects for the epic BBC Two spy drama.

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  8. From There To Here: Recreating an iconic era

    James Strong


    'Having lived in the Manchester of the mid-90s I really wanted to accurately capture the feel of the period: the clothes, the fashion and most importantly the music.'

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  9. Jamaica Inn: Seeing sense in Aunt Patience's madness

    Joanne Whalley


    Actress Joanne Whalley on how Emma Frosts' script for BBC One's adaptation of Daphne du Maurier's novel 'brought out the understanding that we all have now: abuse can be a cycle that you can’t break easily.'

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  10. The Crimson Field: Recreating a WW1 army hospital

    Cristina Casali

    Production Designer

    'Entrances and exits had been cut into the canvas wherever necessary.' Production designer Cristina Casali shares design sketches and contruction photos from the set of the army hospital in BBC One's World War One period drama.

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