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  1. Great Ormond Street: My mum’s going to watch from behind a cushion!

    Jack Copley


    Great Ormond Street: My mum’s going to watch from behind a cushion!

    Teenager Jack Copley shares his story about whether or not to have brain surgery to cure his epilepsy.

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  2. Q&A with Susan Jebb: What's The Right Diet For You?

    Susan Jebb

    Nutrition Scientist

    Professor Susan Jebb is a nutrition scientist and answers questions about the right diet for you in a live Q&A.

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  3. Protecting Our Parents: Capturing a unique view

    Alice Perman

    Series Producer

    'Building up trust and understanding over not just weeks, but months, was essential to filming.' Series producer Alice Perman on the sensitivities of filming the elderly care system for the BBC Two documentary.

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  4. Dissected: Getting under my skin

    Paul Overton


    'The heat from our television lights meant the clock was ticking' - Discover some of the unexpected filming challenges the team faced when making the BBC Four series.

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  5. Holby City: Crafting Malick's fake limbs

    Megan Thomas

    Prosthetics Designer

    See how my prosthetics team created fake arms and hands for an episode of the BBC One medical drama.

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  6. Welcome To The World Of Weight Loss

    Vanessa Engle


    Slimming clubs and the parallels between faith and food are explored in a new BBC Two documentary by acclaimed film-maker Vanessa Engle.

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  7. The Men Who Made Us Thin: Can you be fit and fat?

    Jacques Peretti

    Presenter and Journalist

    "They were far fitter than me in spite of their weight." Presenter Jacques Peretti found that thin doesn’t necessarily mean healthy when he joined a boot camp for his new BBC Two series The Men Who Made Us Thin.

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  8. Long Live Britain: Good health rests with us

    Dr Phil Hammond

    Doctor and Presenter

    Dr Phil Hammond believes our health is in our own hands, not our doctors', and gives some tips for adding years to our lives in BBC One's Long Live Britain.

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  9. Frankie: A character with her own soundtrack

    Lucy Gannon


    Writer Lucy Gannon explains how a character in search of a role, and a soundtrack, came to life for BBC One's new drama about district nurses.

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  10. Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS In A Day

    Magnus Temple

    Executive Producer

    The challenges of co-ordinating over 100 camera crews and editing 1,217 hours of footage for BBC Two's documentary series about a day in the NHS.

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