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  1. Blue Peter: Overcoming my phobia for a record-breaking swim

    Andy Akinwolere


    In the five years I've been a Blue Peter presenter this is one of the hardest things I've done, but also one of my proudest moments. I wanted to do one final challenge on the show that would push me both physically and mentally, and hopefully inspire people young and old to take up something...

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  2. The Sarah Jane Adventures: Writing for my childhood heroes

    Phil Ford

    Writer and Co-producer

    Set your sonic lipsticks to thrill - The Sarah Jane Adventures is back. And I don't care if I've already seen the scripts (even written some) - I'll be on the edge of my seat watching them all over again. Just as I adore Doctor Who, I love this show. When I was a kid Lis Sladen was my Doctor'...

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  3. 25 years of the Broom Cupboard on CBBC

    Iain Stirling


    Hello, my name is Iain Stirling and I'm a TV presenter... A sentence that still fills me with a sense of wonder to this day! I'm more commonly known as 'that Scottish lad with the dog puppet' in the CBBC office (or the CBBC Broom Cupboard, depending on the year displayed upon your birth cert...

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  4. Rufus Hound: The story of Hounded featuring ice creams, pigeons, CBBC

    Rufus Hound

    So. Tonight's the night. The show I've been involved with for the last three years finally goes out for people to see with their real eyes. Sorry to state the obvious, but I really hope you like it. I really love telly. Always have, always will and when I think of my favourite telly, it's ge...

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  5. Serious documentary for children on CBBC

    Damian Kavanagh

    Almost six months ago as I began my job as controller of CBBC I was told about early plans for a new documentary series that would endeavour to provide an insight into the lives of six very different groups of children from across the UK, all with unique stories to tell. At this time we wer...

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