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  1. The Apprentice: Four cringey lessons in business

    Matt Hewitt

    BBC TV Blog

    As Lord Sugar's hunt for the next big thing in business enters its tenth series, we look back on moments from previous years that best showcase the candidates' unique abilities.

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  2. The Insider: How we kept the secret

    Ros Ponder

    Executive Producer

    "If the insider’s cover was blown we simply wouldn’t have a programme to deliver and we’d all be in big trouble." The risks in keeping the secrets of BBC Three's new series, by executive producer Ros Ponder.

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  3. Dragons' Den: I'm the new Dragon

    Kelly Hoppen

    Designer, Entrepreneur, Dragon

    "I trust my instincts and knew I would make the right choices." New Dragon Kelly Hoppen on joining the Den and what she can offer this season's hopeful entrepreneurs.

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  4. Be Your Own Boss: See what it takes

    Richard Reed


    I read recently there are only three questions in life worth asking oneself: 'Am I having sex? Do I have a family? Am I intellectually stimulated?' With three yeses you're basically in paradise, two will bring you happiness and one means you at least can survive. I personally have a fo...

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  5. Business Nightmares With Evan Davis

    Evan Davis

    I have a secret concern about the Business Nightmares programme. I worry that you'll enjoy it too much. I worry that you'll revel in the stupidity of the mistakes, laugh at the businesses involved and idly sit back, comfortable in the knowledge that you would never be as daft. Of course,...

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  6. Theo's Adventure Capitalists: Can you sell Marmite to India?

    Theo Paphitis


    The concept of Theo's Adventure Capitalists is: Can we do business abroad? Our great British nation who used to be fantastic international traders has really contracted back to our shores in the last century or so. When we look at the state of the British economy, we're coming slowly out of r...

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